1 - Method and Machine for Recycling Molasses Wastes

2 -  Device and method to combat climate change

3 - Method and machine for recycling waste from electronic industries

4 - Manufacturing method for suit from multi-layer anti-microbial material

5 - Machine and method for treating cylindrical objects and intericate shapes with laser

6 - Method & machine for Textiles treatment against microorganism

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1 - Method and machine for recycling molasses wastes by adding crystalline silicate in nano sizes to molasses, new material is manufactured by new machine, it is suitable for enrichment processes and free from harmful chemicals, the new technique prevents re-saturation with moisture, it is transformed molasses from viscous substance to a relatively solid substance. The new machine consists of pressing and drying unit with transparent molds, it is combined between mechanical drying and renewable energy, it is dried by solar radiation and air flow. The material is dissolved by rubbing in an aqueous solution easily to make the new material suitable for fertilization.

2 - Device and method for eliminating greenhouse rays which leads to climate change by emitting electromagnetic wave from ground stations. The electromagnetic waves that vanish the harm rays are emitted in different direction with an amount sufficient for the final decay process to occur.
The device deals with wavelengths and frequencies that cause climate changes (greenhouse gases) and high temperatures range only, it is allowing the beneficial rays necessary for daily living activities to go through the atmosphere
The difference in refraction coefficients of electromagnetic wave due to the difference in optical density between the upper layers of the atmosphere as a result of the difference in their temperature is taken into account. The device consists of electromagnetic wave source and mechanical system with pully for movement in the direction of sun rays.

3 - Machine for recycling electronic industries wastes, it is used as a filler in the composite materials industry, the machine issuitable for dealing with all types of wastes resulting from electronic industries. The process is done through controlling the manufacturing factors and quality parameters. It is consisting of a closed mold topped by weight and surrounded by isolated heaters,it is based on a rotation axis. The waste is placed with plastics, reinforced and other additives in the lubricated mold, the homogeneity is achieved by stirring the mixture, it is heated until the manufacturing process completed and voids are eliminated. The final product is removed from the mold and shaped according to the required applications.

4 - Manufacturing method for multi-layer anti-microbial material that is lightweight, malleable, and does not hinder the movement of the body. first layer is made of a cotton or linen cover that is attached to the body. The crushed rock salt layer to protect health and regulate the body's energy, it is consists of two water proofing layers compressed and closed from all sides , the third layer that contains the bacteria and microbes killer material from industrial and agricultural wastes, the outer layer is multiple in colors and shapes according to the purpose of the protective suit, it is suitable for all purposes such as a complete suit or separate parts such as a muzzle, glove or head cover or wrist and others.

5 - Machine and method for treating cylindrical objects and intericate shapes with laser and radiation where the treatment of smooth cylindrical objects, dental implants, machinery parts and equipment is a big problem,it is need complicated methods of treatment and therefore it was treated with focused ultraviolet radiation in a special machine composed of a variable height column connected to an anchor arm and fixed with nut. jaw. Top and bottom jaws with inner and outer grooves,it moves on a circular disk connected to a motor, the machine has circular doors moving in two axes , the unit is equipped with a side arm with circular rings to move the workpiece to treat its base and top, the side arm settles in a cavity , it is achieve treatment of side surface, top and bottom with the same efficiency

6 - Machine and method for treating textiles and fabrics to make them resistant to microbes such as bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms causing the spread of infection. The textiles are placed in the machine cavity and fixed by slides. Micrometric and nanometric organic material from agriclture wastes are spread into the textile surface. Laser beam with thermal effect , passes through its surface. The laser beam treats the textile surface, it allow diffusion and adhesion of antimicrobial material on the surface of the tissue and through the next thin layer. laser beam power and intensity beside exposure time depend on the kind of the textile material such as natural fabric or synthetic fabric.

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