November 17

I am...

Physicist, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Material science and their applications Engineering project management

Interest in...

laser applications. new materials, composite materials Engineering project management risk assessment

Publication list

Patents 1. Plastic based composite treated by lasers (patent 20841) 2. molds for composites material &powder metallurgy (patent 23021) 3. Design of laser treatment unit 4. Composite material machine with four strokes (patent 24102) 5. Wear testing machine by laser ablation (patent 24013) 6. New method of fibers treatment by lasers 7. New method for laser treatment of Titanium alloys & other materials (patent 24014) 8. Industrial unit for nano-materials preparation by magnetic fields &laser beam 9. Laser Treated Hybrid Composite Material for Fire Resistance Applications (24615) 10. Unit for treating and recycling of marble and granite wastes 11. New method for preparation of GRP from hybrid composite 12. A device for treating and disinfection of water by multiple laser wavelengths 13. Automatic Unit for Manufacturing of Sandwich Panel Composites Industrial registrations 1. Semi automatic Machine for manufacturing of plastic composite materials and metal powders 2. Molds for manufacture of composite materials with separated heaters. Databases and systems (software) 1. Data base for Titanium and Titanium alloys 2. Database for composite materials project in Egypt 3. Program to deal with the risks and disasters in buildings. 4. Program to manage projects in industrial and construction fields

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