Influence of Nozzle to Substrate Distance on Formation of Spray Cone Area and Droplet Size in Modified Spray Pyrolysis System

Sandeep A. Arote

Department of Physics, S.N. Arts, D.J.M. Commerce and B.N.S. Science College Sangamner, Dist- Ahmednagar – 422 605 India

Spray pyrolysis technique have been reported as one of the most economic and versatile thin film deposition method. The physicochemical and microstructural properties of thin film were strongly influenced by operational parameters like, nozzle to substrate (N-S) distance, air flow rate, solution volume, droplet size and concentrated spray cone area.
Present study reported effect of N-S distance (from 5 to 30cm) on spray cone formation and droplet size for different air flow rate (5 to 20lpm). From comparative study it was observed that for 10 lpm air flow rate the droplet size is uniform in N-S distance 20 to 27.5 cm. Also for N-S distance in between 20.5 to 29 cm, uniform droplet size i.e. 0.01mm to 0.04mm with uniform spray cone area i.e.14.5cm was observed.



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