This group is created for everybody who is working with nano imprinting. Key words: Monomat, Silspin, UV-NIL, etching, PMMA. Here everybody can ask or give advise.
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  • Naqaa Foundation for scientific Research, Technology and Development would like to invite all of those who are interested in all kinds of innovation to participate in and attend our great event "YES Conference- Young Egyptian Scientists Conference which will be held on Saturday 9 Sep. 2015 which will contain presentations in all fields of scientific innovations, inventions and fields which support new technologies.
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    Eligibility criteria:
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    Registration deadline is 3 August 2015
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  •  Can any one suggest me about PDMS Biosensor micro protein and DNA array printing and its fabrication protocol for cancer detection.

  • The ICPC Nanonet project (EU funded under FP7) is aimed at networking nanoscientists and researchers across the globe to help bridge the nano divide and avoid a knowledge apartheid.

    It offers a free open access Nano Archive of nearly 7,000 items including many full texts at Please contact me if you would like to archive your research and I will create an editor's account for you.

    You can join the international network at Registration is free. The website also contains information for parties interested in FP7 collaboration, details of free webinars taking place (three in September), information about researchers and organisations and much more.

    I am also interested in communicating with researchers in sub-Saharan Africa for the annual region report. If you would like your institution's research showcased in the report, please get in touchDelete Comment
  • how can we utilise rolling nanoimprint lithography for large scale production?
  • Thank you for the invitation
  • Hello Georgette,

    My topic is magnetic nanoparticles. Have you done work in this field?
  • Hello
    How are you ?
  • is harmony between nature, man, and technology a taboo subject? predictions of standards for future living aside. Yes, competing forces always exist. Per R.Buckminster Fuller's problems about manufacturing the dymaxion car, much less other ingenious things. But things eventually shake out, if the development is good enough. For example, many a typesetter lost his job when computer printing came along....i say thinking aloud with one another, as we do here, should be FREE of restraint....let the capitalists work it out. Do excellent science, eventually something gets through. Think about the rich NASA spin off companies, They aren't dead. PIPING OFF once carried the simple moniker "FREE SPEECH". Academic freedom.
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HEEEEELP!!!!!! We need help in planarization!!!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!! We (well in most cases Johan, who is also member of this site) are trying to optimize everything for SFIL. A main problem we have is in the planarization of the Silspin layer. This is a layer which we spincoat on top of the imprinted layer. Can someone help us a bit? Does someone know how to dilute Silspin? Are there alternative materials available? In what way are you "members of this site" imprinting?I hope that someone reacts.......Greets,Georgette

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