• If the size a particle is very less say for example less than 5 nm or so, it is fully confined, an atom or a free electron cannot move in any direction, it is confined three dimensionally. So called 0 dimension.


    In another way its size is appreciably lesser than observable limit

    • Thank you very much for your answer for my question sir. I just want to clarify more on it. When I asked the same question in a seminar, they told, "we can not measure the crystallographic parameters such as a, b and c in 0D but its possible in 1D, 2D and 3D". And they have given the example of sphere in nano scale. I just want to know that whether zero dimension is anything to do with crystallographic parameters (as they told) ??
      • Zero dim is nothing but quantum dot. The size will be approximately <10nm. Comparable to its bohr atomic radius the particle size will vary. So u cant tell that all particles less than 10 nm are quantum dots.It will vary from material to material. It is possible to measure crystallographic parameters. Moreover, u can get the d spacing from TEM.
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