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What is the longevity and stability of synthesized Nanoparticles and the conditions to preserve it and how long it can be preserved in the same state for further experiments and whether it will undergo any transformations during the period of storage.

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    Normally i do not know more with respect to their stability for medical application. Basically, the nanoparticles have high surface area and their are so sensitive to any aggressive reagent like mositure,oxygen. But, the method of your sythesis will greately affect the final product that you have and the additives incase if you used during your sythsis will also play a great role in the storage life time of your nanoparticles.
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    Longevity and stability of synthesized nanoparticles mainly depend upon the method of its synthesis for example If you are using Micro emulsion System then it depends on surfactant and if you are using capping agent for the synthesis then it depends on the nature of capping agent.In my View the best method to preserve any nanoparticles is to dispersed in organic solvent bubbled with Nitrogen gas.
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    I dont think silver Nps will show decrease in anti microbila activity as per time passes. I belive Silver Nps can show there action up to 6 moths. But there can be other parameters which will effect the accafiecy like contact with air, moisture, or method of storaging the Nps.
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      Thank u so much for the reply , what are the various methods of storage for the greater longevity of NPS.
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