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Dear membersI am student of biotechnology and very much interested in nanotechnology. I am doing my final year project on"synthesis of silver nanoparticles from lactobacillus " .. i referred many papers for protocol(i took silver nitrate as source of silver ions ).. i started with them but i couldn't succeed, tried more than 10 times at different concentrations.. please help me in maintaining the physical conditions(like centrifugation ) and the procedure... plzzzzzzzzz

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    Hello everybody.

    VNIT Nagpur is organizing a conference on naomaterials. check
    There are few BIG shots coming so a good networking opportunity exists who are looking for opportunities.

    Though the registeration dates has expired one can still be able to attend the conference. Also if made a request I think the registeration can be accepted.

    you can contact me at
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    please mail dr. pankaj poddar, NCL pune..He came to VNIT Nagpur for a talk.

    He mentioned how to synthesize silver Nanoparticles. May be he can be of some help.

    Let me know, if u need any future help.
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    silver ions are detrimental for any bacterial growth, only those strains of bacteria which have been isolated from silver mines have been found in synthesizing SNP. I'll suggest you to look for other alternative like using fungi for synthesizing silver nanoparticles.
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