Synthesis of Ferrofluids

Hullo Everybody,


I am currently working in the area of ferrofluids for enhanced thermal conductivity. The synthesized ferrofluid is not stable even after adding stabilizers. 

If anyone has any experience in the synthesis of ferrofluids, kindly let me know the solution to the problem stated above. I have also carried out the zeta potential studies but no satisfying results has been obtained till now. 

Awaiting a positive response from the members of nanopaprika community. 



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  • Which stabilisers you are using at %

    Which place r u working

    • Hullo Shiva,

      I am using acetic acid and citric acid as stabilizers for 1%, 2.5% PVA FF, 3% GELATIN FF, 0.05 M GLYCINE FF AND 0.01% BSA FF. 



  • Dear Roshan

    This very recent open access paper might be helpful through.

    All the best.




    • Hullo Dr. Haranath,


      Thank you for the link. I really find it useful sir.



  • Hi,

    There is a team in Romania highly specialized in the development of ferrofluids and magnetic nanofluids:


    Laboratory of Magnetic Fluids Centre of Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research, Romanian Academy,Timisoara Division, Timisoara, Romania


    Professors Doina Bica (now deceased) and Prof. Landislau Vekas have an extensive body of work on the subject. Maybe you can find help in their published work.


    You may check the following presentation to start with:


    Good luck in your work,



    • Hullo Paulo,


      Thank you so much for your timely reply. May i know your research interests?



  • Hi budy
    I am suman/mtech in nano//anna univ//U add polyvinyl in to it//it ll stabilized//and check with zeta potential//
    please enquire further to my gmail account
    • Thanks mate.



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