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hi, please tell me a suitable nanoparticles for the drug delivery... At present i am working in the field of drug delivery of the antibiotics and plant based compounds like saponin,  etc.




please contact me at




thanking you,



Vishnu Kirthi. A


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    Hello Mr.Vishnu Kirthi,


    We are building an Battery Operated Electrochemical instrument with CV & CA for detection of diseases of varieties of illness. If you are looking for this instrument, we would be able to help you on the instrumentation front. 


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    Dear Kirthi,

    Nano Ferrites which are superparamagnetic are more useful for target drug delivery .we synthesized nanosilver ferrite which is non toxic( since both silver and ferrite are non toxic) may be used 

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    Water soluble gold nanoparticles are the best choice. See e.g.,  Electrochemical fabrication of self assembled monolayer using ferrocene-functionalized gold nanoparticles on glassy carbon electrode accepted in Ectrochimica Acta, 2011, Dr. Naveed Kausar Janjua, Sana Sabahat



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    Dear my colleage

    I am interested chitosan as a  gene delevry if you have an idea


                                                                                 yours sincerly

                                                                                 Dr. Ahmed

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      Hello Dr. Ahmed,


      There are reports of some oxides-chitosan for bio sensing applications due to their compatibility. Those could be used.






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      thanks for for ur reply
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