• hello i am going to complete my M.Tech (Biotech ) by April,2011.... along wd my studies i am working on biosynthesis of nanoparticles using microbes.even i have worked on isolation and characterization of vinca alkaloids (anticancer) as a project trainee recently i am looking for Ph.D in nanobiotechnology/ targeted drug delivery system.
    • Hello, My name is Minh. I really pay attention on your working: isolation and characterization alkaloids and also targeted drug delivery system. Even now I haven't yet information about the position Ph.D, but could we discuss about isolation alkaloid and targeted drug delivery system? I'm a pharmacist and doing research at nanomaterial which has application on targeted drug delivery system. My working is toxic analysis. Nice to meet you!
      • Is there any specific analysis to check the toxicity of produced nanopaticles and/or nanomaterials usinf biological sources... I am presently working on production of nanoparticles(metallic nanoparticles) using biological sources. I am planing to check the toxicity level of produced nanoparticles.. have any idea about this... looking forward for your reply..
      • Thanx for ur response Sir. yeah surly we can discuss about the topics you have mentioned above.For better communication, you can send mails to my Personal Email
  • hi,
    i am looking for postdoc in polymer nanocomposites.
  • I have recently completed my M.TECH in Material Science and Engineering, from IIT BOMBAY and am looking for a P.hd position in nanomaterials. The topic of my thesis is "synthesis and characterization of different shapes of silver nanoparticles for biological application".
  • I am Sheo Kumar Mishra, a research student in department of Electronics and Communication, J K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-India in Nanomaterials and my PhD thesis is likely to be submitted till Sept-2010 and expecting to get degree by 2010. I am looking for a suitable Postdoc position in nanomaterials, nanocomposites and energy storage device application such as photoconductor, detector, transistor, LED. My PhD thesis title is "Investigation of Luminescence and related effects in II-VI compoundand of bulk and nanomaterials" including Electroluminescence, photoconductivity, photoelectret etc, which can be used in Gas Sensors, Photoconductore, Solar cells, Fuel Cells and many Smart Device applications.
    • hi sir,

              I m sam jaikumar. i m looking forward to do my PhD in nanoelctronics. i m going to complete my M.Tech nanotechnology and i have completed my undergraduate in Electronics and communication engineering.Can u give me some suggestions and ideas?

  • I am at the final stage of my PhD program in Material Science, IIT Kanpur, and am expecting to get the degree by 2010. I am looking for a suitable Postdoc position in nanomaterials, nanocomposites and biomaterials. My PhD thesis is related to synthesis and characterizations of carbon nanostructure reinforced polymer-ceramic nanocomposites, which can be used in Prostheses, Sensors, Membranes, Catalysts, Fuel Cells and so many Smart Device applications.
    • Hi sumit

      will u able to help me for getting PhD in IIT KANPUR. 

      Qualification : MSc. physics

           Mtech: nanotechnology

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