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  • During 2013 the Australian Federal Government reclassified the ability of SCIRO Approved Research Institutes to receive taxation deductible donations for research. The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia submitted rigorous argument to the Government that its research has led to the discovery of new scientific laws governing optimum biological development through space-time whereas mainstream science (and current nanotechnology)is only able to generate simulations of distorted futuristic bio-form. The Centre's discovery was reprinted in 1990 by the SPIE Milestone Series of IEEE as being one of the important mathematical optics discoveries from 20th Century literature. As a result of this plus relevant new physics discoveries, the Federal Government classified the Centre's work as cancer research, restoring it back to its original 29 year old status.

    In 1996 the Centre advised the United Nations Secretariat that modern science held no emotional content necessary for the development of any pragmatic futuristic human survival omniscience. It can only accelerate the carcinogenic prime directive of second law extinction logic. This functioning in complete defiance of the infinite fractal logic governing the workings of the molecule of emotion. This concern was investigated by Australasian Node, American Council for the United Nations Millennium Project Future Studies & Development Organisation. After several years of peer reviewed examination the Centre was awarded a Decree of Excellence from that Division.

    In 2013 the former Chair of the Australasian Node organised a six month symposium concerning futuristic human survival science. Nanotechnology, associated with the 20th Century entropic understanding of physical reality is now able to embrace the living energies of quantum biology entangling with quantum mechanics, in order to quickly inherit a truly omniscience and technology.

    Interested persons are invited to contact me for further details about the development of a new ethical science derived from the ancient 3rd Century BCE Greek Science for Ethical Ends. In order to check this out the reader can simply google to read Isaac Newton's 28th Query Discussion published in his second (English) edition of his journal Opticks. (mathpages.com/rr/s8-02/-02.htm) or google (Newton's Cosmological Queries). The Greek Science referred to in paragraph 4 refers to the above mentioned Greek science.

    Whether or not Newton was or was not correct is not the point. Western science has been based upon the incorrect assumption that Newton's gravitational theories belonged to his mechanical world-view when it certainly did not. In 2002 Harvard and Massachusetts Universities held a symposium to explain the importance of the social message of the Electromagnetic Science-Art of Oersted's Golden Age of Danish Science. They noted that it was written mostly in Danish and not translated, becoming invisible to English speaking scholarship. However, the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia has been developing the lost science for over some forty years.

    Professor Robert Pope.

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