How do we find out the bio synthesis of silver nanoparticles taking place in the organisms,whether it is intracellular or extracellular and what are the pathways which are leading to the bio synthesis of silver nanoparticles.

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  • brown color changes + UV- Spectrophotometer absorption peak (420)
  • biosynthesis of silver nanopartilces by living source is the topical research. it is not the matter of fungi or algae or bacteria, it is all depends on the capping or reducing agent which triggers the reduction of silver precursors to nanosilver. literature says that the unique physio-chemical properties also varies according to the capping or reducing agent.

    i m using marine sponges as living source and synthesizing silver nanoparticles for marine biofouling control or antifouling applications.


  • Hi Vishnu - The most environmental friendly and the best route to large-scale production of silver nanoparticles is reported in this patent:
    Ideal for capital veturists!
    • Dear Asher,

      Thank u so much for the info.


  • Hope the given link and the article will give an idea about the intracellular or extracellular biosynthesis of nanoparticles..
    • Thank u Mr Inbakandan for the article i will go through it but i do also have similar articles on my side.
  • Reducing monosacharides in the intra or extra cellular fluids can reduce Ag+ ions into Ag nano particles
  • I guess there is no specific mechanism that aids in the biosynthesis of silver nano particle.

    In my previous research i found that one marine fungi didnt produce extra cellular fungi but when the filtrate was subjected to sonication, it gave promising results.

    whereas few soil- derived fungi produced Ag nano particles extracellularly.

    I feel that the exact mechanism and process remains skeptical
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