Cancer, a serious problem

Hi everyone,Is there anyone wants to talk about "Cancer"? I am really interested at it. It is becoming a serious problem day by day. On the other hand, with the development of technology, we will probably find a treatment. I think it is very soon:)Anyways waiting for your messages.

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  • In 2016 my Science-Art antidote discovery to the prevailing 3D global epidemic transmitted by the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices won a first prize under the auspices of the World Fund for the Arts in Russia. That organisation is now developing a Science-Art research project. It concerns me that if the antidote information is fused with artificial intelligence infected by the epidemic then a catastrophe will occur. The antidote appears to relate to cancer. Science developed by tribal science must obey the survival of the fittest paradigm in order for tribal evolution to proceed. DNA now classifies human tribes as belonging to one single species, A species that harms itself is infected by a form of neurological cancer. Prevailing tribal science, governed as it is by the second law of thermodynamics, is obviously carcinogenic as it demands the extinction of all life in the universe:

    This is compatible with the Nobel Laureate, Szent-Gyorgyi Founder of the American National Cancer Foundation who considered that the second law belonged to a Neolithic (his book Crazy Ape) carcinogenic mindset (his Letter to Science 1972)

  • You are right cancer is a serious problem now a days and it's increasing like a virus day by day ! There is a only one solution to get rid from cancer that's Nanotechnology or Nanoscience (Nanomedicine)
  • Hello,

    I think that the beacon needed to successfully lead to a true understanding of the nature of cancer is to use the little known first principle logic from Isaac Newton’s 28th Query Discussions. They have been ignored by mainstream science, which erroneously proclaimed that Newton held that the mass of objects on space were the initial cause of gravity. The physicist Guy Deutscher’s 2012 book of the year, Through the Language Glass, upgraded 19th Century colour perception theory into a new neurological science. Newton held the universe to be infinite and his first principle logic was forbidden to function by a science, which has sentenced all life to thermodynamic extinction. Therefore, the living process cannot now employ infinite fractal logic mathematics to express itself because science remains governed by a carcinogenic extinction mindset. As a result of this, global scientific culture has created a serious dysfunctional epidemic reflecting that carcinogenic mindset. Epidemiologists have identified a global virus-like epidemic transmitted by the mass manufacture of information and communications devices and have published that there is no known antidote to the social damage it is causing . In 2013 the journal Science, published the discovery that junk DNA was not the discarded evolutionary rubbish that medical science thought it was. Instead, it formed a network of information and communication devices spread throughout the entire length of the DNA. Duetscher’s new neurological science’s linguistic colour perception theories use the same language as the biological devices use to communicate to mind in order to maintain futuristic evolutionary human health and wellbeing. The antidote to this carcinogenic situation is not difficult to imagine.

    The epidemic appears to be a strain of the mathematics virus within a poker machine when linked to aesthetically pleasing and exciting sound-colour vibration information. This process can induce a compulsion as strong as a heroin addiction to continually play on into a state of moral and financial bankruptcy, echoing the history of the global stock-market. The situation can be considered to be a dysfunctional cancer moving towards a terminal stage. In 2015 the Science and Security Board moved the Doomsday Clock forward to three minutes to midnight, noting that "The probability of global catastrophe is very high" and that this problem should be acted upon immediately. 

    Major religious persuasions insist that a Deity must be consulted concerning the true nature of infinity. The mathematician Cantor’s work upholds most of modern science. He religiously insisted that infinite mathematics led to access to eternal paradise, causing such organised hostility that it drove him to his deathbed. Nonetheless, he was supported by the mathematician and artist David Hilbert. When you place Hibert’s electromagnetic field theories together with Cantor's mathematics within the existing high resolution picture showing the geometrical shape of the human cell poised to divide, the crucial antidote appears to identify itself. First principle evolutionary electromagnetic information can be transferred to the daughter cell but the information belonging to the 3D epidemic is electromagnetically prevented from doing so. Immanuel Kant’s ethical (non-carcinogenic) asymmetrical electromagnetic inner vision, belonging to a relevant creative, scientific, artistic mindset, appears to be the blocking agent.

    In April, 2016 my Science-Art Research Centre of Australia in liaison with Quantum Art International in Italy, was awarded a first prize for its antidote to the information and communication epidemic, presented alongside artwork, at the XX International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, Central House of Artists Moscow Museum. This event was held under the auspices of the World Art Fund. It is extremely important that nano-technological people reading this comment, contact the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia in order for this problem to gain credence necessary so that it can be returned to Nanopaprika as a fundable research project.

    Professor Robert Pope

  • Hello there,

    I am also interested to find a cure for cancer or a way that can be the beacon for cancer research.

  • During the 1980s the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia developed a research methodology instigated by China's most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang. We used mathematics to generate seashell growth and development through space time, reprinted as an important optics discovery of the 20th Century by the world's largest technological research institute (IEEE 1990). In 1995 the Basic Research Institute in America advanced the mathematics into a prize winning biological physics. In 2012 the recipients of the Giorgio Napolitano Medal, awarded on behalf of the Republic of Italy fused this work into advanced quantum biology.

    Professor Paul Davies has been appointed to head a multi-million dollar cancer research project and advocates asking the right questions in order to better understand cancer. In my opinion, the prevailing entropic mind-set is unable to ask relevant questions because 20th Century quantum mechanics, derived from Newton's mechanical description of the universe was constructed upon completely false assumptions. Newton simply did not have an entropic mechanical clockwork world-view as is commonly supposed and this is very easy to prove.

    In 2013 the Australian Federal Government reclassified the Centre's Approved Research Institute Status as cancer research. The Centre, in association with Futures Studies and Development researchers associated with the United Nations Millennium Project intends to generate a human survival blueprint rather than the one that was successful for seashell life forms. The optics energy in cancer research is referred to as Shannon-Wiener negentropic information energy, which entangles with entropic thermodynamic entropic energies to evolve what Isaac Newton actually published as being a non-mechanical gravitational force (not totally governed by 20th Century entropic quntum mechanics logic).

    The Centre is now redesigning the funding model previously used to discover new physics laws governing optimum (non-cancer) growth and development for seashell life forms, in order to obtain a rigorous human survival blueprint simulation. Any expression of interest in the above cancer resaerch theories are welcome. It is of the Centre's opinion that nanotechnology will play a major role in such new research, greatly upgrading what Professor Paul Davies appears to consider as a not so successful pharmaceutical empire employing funding above that upholding the American military defence budget.

    Professor Robert Pope.

  • I want to focus on P53 Biomarker as tumor supressor gene and its control of Cell Cycle, for early detection of Cancer, this is very cellular circuit system in Human, it has the sense DNA damage and then repair DNA.

  • do you believe cancer is a metabolic disorder rather DNA disorder. i heard that the nucleus of good cell is replaced by a nucleus of cancer cell.the good cell continued to function properly. is cancer a mitochondrial problem. do ketonic diet help to cure cancer

    any new development in metastatic breast cancer treatment

  • hi Olga,

    It has been proposed that nanotechnology has demonstrated that the molecule of emotion discovered by Candace Pert, functions contrary to the dictates of the second law of thermodynamics. In cancer research, Shannon Wiener negentropy information energy, differing from thermodynamic entropic energy, would seem to be relevant to your field of interest. The book Present Shock argues that Future Shock has arrived in which society is being overwhelmed by the acceleration of entropic energy information causing growing emotional trauma. We would welcome comment from persons familiar with nanotechnology concerning this issue please.

    Professor Robert Pope

  • Rajesh Laik said:

    I am interested in working towards early detection of Cancer.

    Please send me the format for project collaboration, and Your Industry details, this is required for DST Project.
    prakash hegde said:

    Hi friends,


    We are interested in building an instrument which facilitates early detection of most types of cancer, like prostrate, blood,lever, intestines etc., we are into instrumentation, if proper inputs are given, ( because we are into instrumentation, we need researchers' inputs to integrate the analytical results to be reprsented in a digitised form). Anybody interested to work on this area, most welcome. We are keen to participate,




    Cancer, a serious problem
    Hi everyone, Is there anyone wants to talk about Cancer ? I am really interested at it. It is becoming a serious problem day by day. On the other ha…
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