SEARCH FOR PARTNERS: NMP.2012.1.4-5 Improving education in nanotechnologies to match the skill needs of EU industry and society –(supporting actions)

FP7 -2012 Partnership Offer for : Call identifier: FP7-NMP-2012-CSA-6

Partnrship offered expecially for :

NMP.2012.1.4-5 Improving education in nanotechnologies to match the skill needs of EU industry and society –(supporting actions) Date of publication: 20 July 2011
• Deadline : 24 January 2012 at 17.00.(Brussels local time)
Company Expertise:
The EGOCREANET -Association ("> can support the objectives of the call by offering expertise in nanoscience education
innovation and promotion .
Current Partners :
1) Probable coordinator: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Albert Duschl
Vice Rector for Research, University of Salzburg177"> ;,">
2) Dr. Paolo Manzelli , President of EGOCREANET/ c/o Laboratory of
Education-Research , Dep. of Chemistry - Florence University, Cell:
+39/3356760004; Phone :+39/0554573135.
-Partner/s Sought:
The EGOCREANET/Association is interested in opening a dialogue with
companies , industies, and research organizations that are considering
developing a collaborative research proposal and is looking for additional
partners to reply to the call : NMP.2012.1.4-5.
Previous experience with collaborative R&D projects :
The EGOCREANET-Association has previous experience in national and European collaborative projects on Education Research for improving innovation following the idea that in the knowledge society must be able to deal with a new type of knowledge which is dynamic, distributed/globalized and complex as in the case of trans-disciplinary nano-sciences.
Project proposal development stage:
The EGOCREANET Association is interested to discuss Educational Projects regarding nanotechnology- trans-disciplinary education and innovation that are at any stage development (Idea, under development or proposal already submitted ).
Preferred Countries for partner
No preference, particularly looking for partners in Europe
Contact Details
Paolo Manzelli ; Phone :+39/3356760004
Email :

Information about NMP.2012.1.4-5 : Confidential call requests:
Improving education in nanotechnologies to match the skill needs of EU

industry and society
Technical content/scope: Conventional educational and academic disciplines often constrain the introduction of interdisciplinary courses and trans-disciplinary approaches that are necessary to nanotechnology.
Overcoming such limitations is mandatory in order to educate highly skilled nano-scale scientists and engineers, whose scarcity is pinpointed by industry as a major obstacle to innovation. The multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral character of nanotechnologies requires developing novel forms of integration in the education systems, in order to prepare flexible and adaptable scientific and engineering pools of talent, while at the same time enhancing the necessary in-depth scientific background. This requires new
frameworks of cooperation between schools, universities, research institutes and industry, as well as convergence of educational departments in nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, ICT, cognitive and other sciences, such as physics and chemistry (for example quantum mechanics and physical chemistry are fundamental to nanotechnology). Connection should also be made to social and business sciences. Special attention is required to encourage females to study nanotechnologies. The emphasis should be on graduate and
post-graduate university level.
This Support action should provide:
- mapping and critical assessment of best practices across the EU to
identify enhanced integrated strategies for education in nanotechnologies;
- development of pilot teaching materials, lab activities and assessment tools as independent subjects or modules;
- development of a platform for disseminating, testing and fine tuning of the strategies and the 'open courseware'.
Funding Scheme: Coordination and Support Actions (supporting actions). No more than one supporting action will be funded.
Expected impact: (i) Promote the integration of nanotechnologies into the educational systems by favouring its responsible convergence with other sciences and stimulating the onfield cooperation of industry with educational and research bodies to respond to skill needs of industry and society. (ii) Contribute to making nanotechnology studies more attractive,thus increasing the numbers of students, especially female students.

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