LaVerne Poussaint, senior blogger of TINC: Four years with Nanopaprika

Four years with Nanopaprika - message from LaVerne Poussaint, senior blogger of The International NanoScience Community

/First blogpost of Laverne Poussaint was posted on Nanopaprika on September 21, 2008 at 1:00am and was followed by 181 other posts during last 4 years/


Greetings András*


At the commencement of this new academic term, I want to steal a nanosecond from our insanely intensive schedules to share a moment in time with you during this my 4th year with TINC.
We've witnessed losses through death {Captain Nano (advisory board member Michael McDonald) followed by one of most your beloved professors} and attrition {Professor Hans' nano curriculuum blog}; gains of massive increase of memberships, respectable underwriting sponsors, and the garnering of new and noteworthy bloggers.
I've watch you garner the PhD credential and then capture a successful postdoc research position - all while doing a yeoman's job of building up TINC/Nanopaprika with fortitude, diligence, nonbias, and sturdy discretion even while dismayed and discouraged. In the swift-moving, rapid-waters nanoscaled world, your steadfastness and solidity count for more than you know.
You've made a decided difference to many nano scholars - young and, like me, not so young.
During this brief respite, I'm listening to one of my favourite Ethiopian ballads,, Tizita {which in Amharic translates closely as "memories" "nostalgia"}. For your edification, these lyrics I share with you in this  moment:

Outdoing yesterday, shouldering on today, borrowing from tomorrow, renewing yesteryears, comes tizita hauling possessions. 
With high respect and well regard, I send this cyber toast to you on this our 4th year anniversary.




Dear LaVerne,

Thanks for your message and your blogposts, which motivate us to continue the work.


TINC-Staff and András


The International NanoScience Community will celebrate the 5th anniversary of founding in November 2012. If your have your story, memories connected to Nanopaprika, share with us at


* András Paszternák, founder of Nanopaprika,

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