The thought of parallel universes would almost seem to be a most unlikely prediction of our place in relativity but there have been some amazingly bizzare coinsidances and occurances that relate directly to the theory, In both my life yours and the rest of the world.

The sheer idea of parallel universes was not taken seriously until after experiments with properties of light. During these experiements scientists and researchers noted that during the double slit test , a test where a a beam of light was shined a double screen with two slits in the second screen. When the light was shined through the both open slits it was observed that Electrons passed right through at the same time and seemed to exsist in both places simitaniously the duel wave of particles seemed to shed some light (no pun intended on the theory of multi Universes and Paralles ) It seemed that light and it's versatility was genuinely affecting the outcome.

If there are an infinite number of possibilities, then there must be an infinite number of parallel universes, and therefore, an infinite number of you and me ( are we the same? )

Given the theory it's a great question of mine to ask how many parallels or coinsidences can you document? I have given a great deal of time thinking of all of the infinate ways my life connects with the lives of others and beyond. I have found links to so many things that have enriched my life and have given it a new feeling or twist if you will. It would be great if others could just think about these fantastic ideas and write them on my message board all opions are welcome.

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