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  • hello mam! can i chat with you for a few minutes
  • hi
    r u doing phd?
  • Hi Suzzane
    Could you make friendship with me. I am working in KAU - IT
  • Hai welcome to our NS community..
    I am manivel from II M.Sc, nanotechnology in Bharatiar University Tamil Nadu..This is final semester.. now i have project is going on...
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • Hi Suzzane,

    I have just joined TINC and saw you were on-line.

    I am Raymond working in South Africa originally from the UK and was wondering what area you are studying in?

  • 1st warning!

    Please dont make double posts in our blog system!

    After the 2th warning you will banned from TINC

  • welcome to the nanoscience community

  • Welcome to our community!
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