May 20

I am...

Chemist, Project coordinator, Blogger

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

nanotechnology for pollution control

Interest in...

environmental chemistry, pollution control, water and waste water treatment, solid waste management, hazardous waste management

Publication list

A. Carmalin Sophia, A. Swaminathan, K. and Sandhya, S. A study on microbial influenced degradation of solidified / stabilized metal waste, Bioresource Technology , 98, 562–256, 2007 Carmalin Sophia, A. and K. Swaminathan, Assessment of the mechanical stability and chemical leachability of immobilized electroplating waste, Chemosphere, 58(1), 75-82, 2005. Carmalin Sophia, A. and K. Swaminathan, Leaching of metals on stabilization of metal sludge using cement based materials, Chinese Journal of Environmental Sciences, 17(5), 2005 Ayyappan, R. Carmalin Sophia, A. Swaminathan, K. Sandhya, S. Removal of lead from aqueous solution using carbon derived from agricultural wastes, Process Biochemistry, 40, 1293–1299, 2005 K.Swaminathan, Sandya, Carmalin Sophia, A. Kanchan Pachhade, Subrahmanyam Y.V., Decolorization & degradation of H-acid and other dyes using ferrous hydrogen peroxide system, Chemosphere, 50(5), 2003, 619-625

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