November 12

I am...

Biologist, Student

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Nanosafety, PCR technology

Interest in...

Nanosafety, PCR technology, Molecular diagnostics

Publication list

[1] (SCI:IF3.446) Cenchao Shen*, Wenjuan Yang, Qiaoli Ji, Hisaji Maki, Anjie Dong, Zhizhou Zhang*. NanoPCR Observation: Different levels of DNA replication fidelity in nanoparticles-enhanced polymerase chain reactions [J].2009, 20 No. 45 Nanotechnology. [2] (EI) Cenchao Shen, Wenjuan Yang, Qingdai Liu, Hisaji Maki, Zhizhou Zhang. A potential useful method for calculating relative safety index of nanoparticles[C]. EPPH - iCBBE 2009 [3] (SCI:IF3.3) Wenjuan Yang*, Cenchao Shen*, Qiaoli Ji*, Hongjie An, Jinju Wang, Qingdai Liu, Zhizhou Zhang*. Food storage material silver nanoparticles interfere with DNA replication fidelity and bind with DNA [J]. Nanotechnology 20 (2009) 085102. (This work is reported by the site of Nanowerk, [4] (SCI:IF2.28) Zhizhou Zhang*, Cencao Shen, Mingchun Wang and Xiaohong Cao. Aqueous suspension of carbon nanotubes enhances the efficiency of long PCR [J]. 2008, Biotechniques, 44(4):537-545. Teda Bio-X Center for Systems Biotechnology. About the authors. Biotechniques, 2008, 44(4):463. [5] (ISTP) Qingdai Liu, Cenchao Shen, Wenjuan Yang, Qiaoli Ji, Hongjie An, Zhizhou Zhang. Food Storage Material Nano-silver Induced DNA Mutations in Vitro[C]. 24th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Shanghai, 2008:15. [6] (SCI:IF2.587) Zhizhou Zhang, Xia Yang, Liangyu Meng, Fang liu, Cenchao Shen, Wenjuan Yang. Enhanced amplification of GC-rich DNA with two organic reagents[J].2009, Biotechniques. Vol. 47:775-779. [7] Wenjuan Yang, Cenchao Shen, Zhizhou Zhang. Several approaches for toxicity assessment of nanomaterials[J]. China Biotechnology, Vol. 29. No. 2, 2009 [8] Cenchao Shen, Anjun Liu, Zhizhou Zhang. Deletion of POX4 gene from Yarrowia lipolytica [J]. Industrial Microbiology. In Press. China patent [1] A rapid PCR detection method for Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in concentrated apple juice. 200710057800.7 [2] Method of calculating relative safety index of nanoparticles. 200810053171.5

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Teda Bio-X Center for Systems Biotechnology

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