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vaccine production and formulation , antiviral reserach and biological research

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vaccine production and evaluation

Publication list

 SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION 1. Biochemical and Hematological Studies post Rabies Virus Infection :Clinical View .J.Union Arab Biolo.Cairo Volume 7`-9(A), Zoology,97- 110, Nov.98 . 5th Int. Conference. 2. Rapid Immuno-Diagnosis of Some Arboviruses in Rodent Serum Samples Collected from Kuwait 1997 – 1998.Egyp. Jour. of Med. Microiol. 2002 volume 11No.1,151154 3. Cyclization of Binary Ethyl Amin (BEA) and Its Inactivation Kinetics and Antigenicity of Rift Valley Fever Virus (RVFV). J. Egpt. Germ. Soc. Zool.,10th Int. Conf. Cairo. Univ. 2000. 4. Comparative Evaluation of Laboratory Animals Immune Response to α-Tochopherol- Selenium Adjuvated and non-Adjuvated RabiesVaccine 5. Preliminary talk –The 3rd Conference of Chemistry. Cairo Univ. (CHEM- 3) an Over View on Rabies Vaccine production and elevation of vaccine Antigenicity using Antioxidant 6. Effect of Long Life Glutaraldehyde Product for Disinfection of Fibreoptic Endoscopes. Egp.J.Med.Microbiol.1998. 7. Identification, Fractionation and Antigenic Properties of S.Mansoni Antigens (Mammalian Phase) Recognized by Antibodies from Hamsters Infected with Different Levels of Cercaria Infection. Egy. J. Med. Microbio. 1997 vol.6 No.3 8. Mode of Application of Chemical Inactivant and Related Inactivation Kinetics and Antigenicity. Egyp.J.Med.Microbiol.1997 9. Influence of gelatin as adjuvant on the humoral immune response of murine Schestosoma mansoni infection. J.Egyp.Microbiolo.1997 10. Experimental preparation of Vero cell rabies vaccine use and Antirabies immunoglobulin in horses for human use: A new Egyptian Biological products J.Egyp.Micro.Biol.2003 11. Biological Activity of Tubercle bacilli (BCG) and its related immunogenicity. J.Egypt.Micro.Biolo.1996. 12. The Relation between Schestosoma infection and electrolyte level in host: An analytical study. J.Egyp.Micro.Biolo.1998 13. Inactivation of Rift Valley Fever virus and Related viral Antigenicity and Immunogenicity Egy.J.Med.Microbiol.1996 14. Biological Activity of Di-methyle Sulphoxid (DMSO) and Related and related Rift Valley Fever virus (RVFyield..Egy.J.Med.Microbiolo.1996. 15. Comparative Evaluation of Humoral Immune Response of Swiss mice post Immunization with E-selenium Adjuvated and non Adjuvated Locally prepared Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine. The 2nd Conference of Egyptian British Society of Biological Science (EBBS) Booster 2004 16. Role of Interferon In the treatment of Rift Valley Fever virus as a virus of the Buneaviridae group of viruses and its effect on Mx protein as a biomarker (Under publication) 17. Role of hydroxamic acid in biochemical processes (Med. journal of Islamic academy of science 2005). 18. Antiviral Activity of Recombinant Human Interferon-α to Rift Valley Fever Virus and Related Mx-Protein Potential as a Biomarker. 19. The effect of chemical inactivation of bovine viral diarrhea virus with beta-propiolactone and binary ethyleneimine on plasma proteins and coagulation factors 20. Ovine anti-rabies antibody production 2009 Sci.Dir. 21. Value of hepatitis E virus detection by cell culture compared with nested PCR and serological studies by IgM and IgG 22. Effect of Chromium supplementation on the diabetes induced –oxidative stress in liver and brain of adult rat. Journal of Biometal ,DOI 10.1007/5 1534-0099258-8 Springer science +business media LLC-2009 23- Bioadhesive Gel for Nasal Delivery of Insulin, 2009 : AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition 24- Comparative evaluation of inactivating agents potential against HCV virus model (VSV) and related effect on plasma potential (In press) 25- Comparative evaluation of Inactivation efficacy of Ascorbic acid and Beta- Propiolactone (BPL) to HCV virus model in human pooled Plasma and related effect on plasma proteins profile. 26-Isolation and Identification of Non-polio Enteroviruses from children in Different Egyptian Governorates. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied science (ABAS):3(4):3230-3238,2009 27-chemical and biological study of some active constituent from Chrosophora obliqua vahl.root.Egyp.J.of biological Science (2009) 28-Protective role of interferon against Cytotoxicity induced by rabies virus in mice African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 9(7), pp. 1097-1105, 15 February, 2010

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