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  • Dear Dr. Bozza,


    Greetings !!!

    This is Yash Rao from Central uni. of Gujarat and recently I have submitted my Ph.D. thesis on the title of  Green synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles for anticancer drugs delivery” and now I'm looking for PDF project. I have very good experience on sophisticated instrument characterization as well as natural synthesis area. I was operating here and good experience of AFM, XRD, XPS  as well as DLS, UV, FTIR and SEM instruments. 
    Under the project, I have completed synthesis and characterization (HR-TEM, AFM, SEM, XPS, XRD, DLS, FTIR, UV and others) of Au NPs from natural resources and its application with anticancer, antimicrobial and anticancer drug interaction with Au NPs.
    The anticancer study has been completed by the selection of five cancerous cell lines (Hep G–2, IMR–32, MG–63, MDA–MB–231 and JURKAT) with synthesized Au NPs through SRB assay.
    The antimicrobial study was done by the selection of pathogenic bacteria and fungus with Au NPs through MIC and disc diffusion technique.
    The interaction study of anticancer drug (Busulfan, flutamide and chlorambucil) with Au NPs by UV-vis, FTIR, DLS, and AFM study.

    So, If I got this opportunity for PDF then it will be better for me and my research aim is still now want to bring my work to Gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) and anticancer study up to better position for the global. 
    I'm waiting for your response!!!
    Yashvant Rao
    Ph.D. (SRF)
    Centre for Nano Sciences
    Central University of Gujarat 
    Skype ID: yashrao46
    Contact No.: +91-942-907-0687
  • Thanks a Lot ..!!

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