Vellore,Tamil Nadu


May 19

I am...

Biologist, Student

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Biopreservative (Bacteriocin) Nanoencapsulation of bacteriocin (ESp: Liposomes)

Interest in...

Synthesis of nano particle Nanoencapsulation study

Publication list

V.Mohanasrinivasan*, V.Suganthi, E. Selvarajan, C.Subathra Devi. “Bioremediation of endosulfan contaminated soil”. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 17(11), 93-101, 2013.[IF-0.636] Damini D, Sukriti P, E. Selvarajan, V.Suganthi and V.Mohanasrinivasan*. “Removal of Heavy Metals from Leather Industry Effluent Using Saccharomyces sp In a Packed Bed Reactor” Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 4(2) 2013.  V. Mohanasrinivasan*, Mudit Mishra, Jeny Singh Paliwal, Suneet Kr. Singh, E.Selvarajan, V.Suganthi, C.Subathra devi. “Studies on heavy metal removal efficiency and antibacterial activity of chitosan prepared from shrimp shell waste”. 3Biotech (Article in press)  Mohanasrinivasan V.*, SriramKalyan P, Ipsita Nandi, Subathradevi C, Selvarajan E, Suganthi V and Jemimah Naine S.” Fermentative production of extracellular pigment from Streptomyces coelicolor MSIS1”. Research Journal of Biotechnology, 8(4) 2013.[IF-0.294]  V.Mohanasrinivasan*, C.Subathra Devi, Ritusree Biswas, Falguni Paul, Mohor Mitra, E.Selvarajan, V.Suganthi.”Enhanced production of nattokinase from UV mutated Bacillus sp.” Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology 8(2) 2013.[0.356] V. Mohanasrinivasan*, C.Subathra devi, Akata Saha, Madhumanti Mondal, Sudeshna dhar, V.Suganthi, E.Selvarajan. “Screening for Staphylokinase producing Staphylococcus sp from bovine milk sample”. IJPPS, 5(2) 2013.  Damini D, Jayasmita D, Sukriti P, Selvarajan E, Suganthi V, Mohanasrinivasan V*. “Fermentative production of ergosterol using Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Journal of Applied Sciences Research 9(2) 2013. V.Suganthi, E.Selvarajan, V.Mohanasrinivasan*, C.Subathra Devi.”Lantibiotic nisin: Natural preservative from Lactococcus lactis”. International Research Journal of Pharmacy 2012, 3(1), 13-19.  M.Ramya, E.Selvarajan, V.Suganthi, V.Mohanasrinivasan*, C.Subathra Devi. ”Determination of human T-cell leukemia virus-1 among pregnant women”. Elixir Virus Research 2012, 42, 6345-6348.

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