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Polymer nanocomposites

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List of Publications Patents 1. Development of phenolic coatings from Bhilawanut shell Liquid for the protection of bamboo Surfaces; No : 2382/DEL/98 2 Development of styrene based coatings from Bhilawanut Shell Liquid for the protection of bamboo surfaces. No: 2708/DEL/98 Publications in International / national Journals 1. Gowri, V. S. (2011), Novel copolymer for SiO2 nanoparticles dispersion. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. doi: 10.1002/app.35068 2. Determination of biogenic amines in lake water by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with fluorescence detection after derivatization with fluorescamine, Ankita Shukla, Sunil Kumar Sanghi, V. Sorna Gowri, Vishal Kumar Baderia, Sushma Lamba and Deepesh Kumar Singh, 296- 300, Vol. 66; No.3, J Anal. Chemistry, 2011. 3. Stable physically adsorbed coating of poly-vinyl alcohol for the separation of basic proteins, Vishal Kumar Baderia, V.Sorna Gowri, Sunil Kumar Sanghi, Ankita Shukla, Deepesh Kumar Singh, accepted in journal of Analytical Chemistry. 4. Polymer nanocomposites for multifunctional finishing of textiles – a review Sorna Gowri 1, Luís Almeida, Teresa Amorim, Noémia Carneiro, António Pedro Souto, Maria Fátima Esteves, Textile Research Journal, Vol.18 (13), 1290-1306, 2010. 5. Functional finishing of polyamide fabrics using zno-pmma nanocomposites Sorna Gowri 1, Luís Almeida, Maria Teresa Pessoa de Amorim, Noémia Carneiro Pacheco, António Pedro Souto, Maria Fátima Esteves, Sunil Kumar Sanghi 2 , Journal of Materials Science, 45, 2427-2435, 2010. 6. "Determination of aliphatic amines by high-performance liquid chromatography-amperometric detection after derivatization with naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxaldehyde" by Sushma Lamba; Arti Pandit; V S Gowri; Ankita Tiwari; Vishal K Baderia; Deepesh K Singh; Preeti Nigam, Analytica Chimica Acta, , 614, 190-195, (2008) 7. Vers une puce microfluidique pour la détection demutations inconnues et le genotypage Weber J; Fütterer C; Gowri S; Attia R; Viovy JL : « Vers une puce microfluidique pour la détection de mutations inconnues et le génotypage »; La Houille Blanche; . journal de la SociétéHydrodynamique de France 2006; 5 :40-44. 8. Mohini Saxena & V. Sorna Gowri; Studies on Bamboo Polymer Composites with Polyester Amide Polyols as Interfacial Agent International Journal of Polymer Composites; June 2003; Vol 24; No.3.; pp428-436 9. Mohini Saxena, V. Sorna Gowri, J. Prabhakar and Sangeeta T.Innovative Building Materials; Polymer Composites, Copper Tailing Bricks, Blue Dust Primers Civil Engineering & Construction Review (CE & CR) Vol.15, FEB 2002, p4 10. 1. V.Sorna Gowri & Mohini saxena; BNSL based coatings for bamboo Protection; Journal of Applied Polymer Science; Vol. 69; 487- 493; 1998. 11. 2. V. Sorna Gowri & Mohini Saxena; Protection of bamboo surfaces by CNSL based coatings ; Indian Journal of Chemical Technology; Vol.4;145-149;1997. 12. 4. V.Sorna Gowri; Development of coating from agro waste materials Paint India; Nov. 2000;pp35 – 44. 13. 3. Mohini Saxena & V.Sorna Gowri; Agro and Industrial Wastes for building Materials ; Science Tech. Entrepreneur; Vol.9; No.3; March 2001; pp61 –64 14. 5. Mohini Saxena & V. Sorna Gowri; Industrial wastes polymer composites (IWPC) – a versatile material for wood substitute ; Everyman’s Science; Vol XXXVI NO.2; July – September; 2001 15. 6. V.Sorna Gowri & Mohini Saxena; Protective Coatings from Bhilawanut Shell Liquid(BNSL); Science Tech. Entrepreneur; Vol.11; No.3; March 2003; pp57 –60 16. 7. V.Sorna Gowri & Mohini Saxena; Bamboo composites for sustainable rural development J. Rural Tech. Vol.1.; No.1.; Sep2003; pp6-10 17. V.Sorna Gowri & Mohini Saxena; Protective coatings from agrowastes J. Rural Tech. Vol.4.; No.1.; July 2004; pp151 – 155. 18. V. Sorna Gowri and Mohini Saxena; Bamboo composites - for sustainable rural development J. of Rural Tech. Vol. 1 No. 1 Sept. 2003; Pp6-10.

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Microfluidics and MEMS group,AMPRI (CSIR), Bhopal

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