July 7

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working on CIAS thin film devices and study of current transport mechanism in metal-semiconductor contacts

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Publication list

1. Impact of annealing on CuInSe2 thin films and its Schottky interface. U. Parihar, J. R. Ray, N. Kumar, R. Sachdeva, C.J Panchal , N. Padha, J.Nano. Electron. Phys.(In Press). 2. Structural, optical and electrical characterization of Tin Selenide thin films deposited at room temperature by thermal evaporation method. N. Kumar, V. Sharma, U. Parihar, R. Sachdeva N. Padha, C. J. Panchal, J.Nano. Electron. Phys. 1(2011),110. 3. Growth, Structural and Optical Properties of the Thermally Evaporated Tin Diselenide (SnSe2) Thin Films. R. Sachdeva, Meenakshi Sharma, Anjali Devi, N. Kumar, Usha Parihar, N. Padha and C. J. Panchal, J.Nano. Electron. Phys. (In Press).

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SSE lab. University of Jammu

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