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Heat transfer Nanocomposite materials Solvothermal method Nanofluids Solar energy Unconventional energy Porous media Modeling

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Akilu, S., K. V. Sharma, A. T. Baheta and R. Mamat (2016). "A review of thermophysical properties of water based composite nanofluids." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 66: 654–678. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 9.184). Akilu S., A. T. Baheta., Alina Adriana Minea, K.V. Sharma (2017). "Rheology and thermal conductivity of non-porous silica (SiO2) in viscous glycerol and ethylene glycol based nanofluid." International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 88 245–253. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 4.465). Akilu, S., A. T. Baheta and K. V. Sharma (2017). "Experimental measurements of thermal conductivity and viscosity of ethylene glycol-based hybrid nanofluid with TiO2-CuO/C inclusions." Journal of Molecular Liquids 246 (Supplement C): 396-405. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 4.513). Akilu S., A. T. Baheta., M. A. Mior Said, A. A. Minea and K.V. Sharma (2018). “Properties of glycerol and ethylene glycol mixture based SiO2-CuO/C hybrid nanofluid for enhanced solar energy transport." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells: 179 118-128. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 5.018). Akilu, A. T. Baheta, K. Kadirgama, E. Padmanabhan, and K. V. Sharma (2019). "Viscosity, electrical and thermal conductivities of ethylene and propylene glycol-based β-SiC nanofluid," 780–792. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 4.513). Akilu S, Baheta AT, Chowdhury S, Padmanabhan E, Sharma KV (2019). “Thermophysical profile of SiC– CuO/C nanocomposite in base liquid ethylene glycol”. Powder Technology. 354 540–51, 201. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 3.476). Akilu S, Baheta AT, Sharma K (2019). “Characterization and modelling of density, thermal conductivity, and viscosity of TiN–W/EG nanofluids. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.“ 1–12. Published (Q1: Impact Factor 2.46). Book Chapters 1. Sharma, K., A. Suleiman, H. S. B. Hassan and G. Hegde (2017). Considerations on the Thermophysical Properties of Nanofluids. Engineering Applications of Nanotechnology, Springer: 33–70

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Shale Gas research group, Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery, Universiti teknologi PETRONAS

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