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  • hi shivam,
    Right now i am in US, working on a project. If you have any queries regarding nano ....then shoot me at
  • Dear Shivam.
    Thanks for your interest. but I am doing my post-doc. So, I think it is not possible to guide you. U can apply to IISc/IIt, but i am not sure about MS nanotechonology degree. why don't u try in abroad if u r so much interested about nanoscience and technology?

    best wishes,
  • my mail id
  • Hi Shivam,
    You are most welcome. i am giving mail id, you can touch with me through mail, and surely i will suggest you in a proper way.
    my mail id,
  • You can apply to IISC/JNCASR/IIT Kanpur/IIT Mumbai for Integrated Ph.d course, or else can go for abroad for MS course. You may/may not exactly find course like MS in nanotechnology, however you can join in other depertments like physics/chemistry/ chemical engineering. In later stage you can further specialize urself for nanotechnology. this is the major problem right now we have in india. good institute does not have nanotechnology degrees. Better try to join good institutes like IISC/IIT Kanpur/IIT Mumbai etc if u want in india. Or else try for abroad as I said.
  • send ur resume to me that i will suggest some new areas...
  • my email id is,
  • Hi, my email id is
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