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Engineer, Doctor, Project coordinator, Student

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Organic light emitting diodes, Polymer light emitting diodes, Perovskite light emitting diodes, Synthesis of 2D perovskite materials,Energy transfer between crystalline and amorphous materials, Excitonics and Photonics, Organic electronic devices

Interest in...

Carbon - Carbon composites, polymer nano composites, rheology of polymers and biodegradable polymers mechanical and thermal and thermal analysis, Bio compatible functional polymers for artificial human organs

Publication list

1. J.-H. Jou, S. Sahoo, Sudhir Kumar, H.-H. Yua, P.-H. Fang, M. Singh, G. Krucaite, D. Volyniuk, J.V. Grazulevicius, S. Grigalevicius, Wet- and dry-process feasible carbazole type hosts for highly efficient phosphorescent OLEDs. Journal of Material Chemistry C, 2015, 3, 12297-12307. 2. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, M. Singh, Y.-H. Chen, C.-C. Chen, M.-T. Lee, Carrier modulation layer enhanced organic light emitting diodes, Molecules, 2015, 20, 13005-13030.(Invited) 3. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, P.-H. Fang, A. Venkateswararao, K. R. J. Thomas, J.-J. Shyue, Y.-C. Wang, T.-H. Li, Hui-Huan Yua, Highly efficient ultra-deep blue organic light-emitting diodes with a wet- and dry-process feasible cyanofluorene acetylene based emitter, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3, 2182-2194. 4. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, C. C. An, M. Singh, H. H. Yu, C. Y. Hsieh, Y. X. Lin, C. F. Sung, C. W. Wang, Enabling a blue-hazard free general lighting based on candle light-style organic light emitting diode, Optics Express, 2015, 23(11), A576. 5. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, A. Agrawal, T.-H. Li, S. Sahoo, Approaches for fabricating high efficiency organic light emitting diodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3, 2974-3002. 6. J. H. Jou, K.-Y. Chou, F.-C. Yang, C.-H. Hsieh, Sudhir Kumar, A. Agrawal, S.-Z. Chen, T.-H. Li, H.-H. Yu, Pseudo-natural light for lighting and display, Advanced Optical Materials, 2015, 3, 95-102. 7. J. H. Jou, T.-H. Li, Sudhir Kumar, C. C. An, A. Agrawal, S.-Z. Chen, P.-H. Fang, G. Krucaite, S. Grigalevicius, J. Grazulevicius, and C.-F. Sung, Enabling high-efficiency organic light-emitting diodes with a cross-linkable electron, confining hole transporting material, Organic Electronics, 2015, 24, 254–262. 8. R. K. Konidena, K. R. J. Thomas, Sudhir Kumar, Y.-C. Wang, C.-J. Li, Jwo-Huei Jou, Phenothiazine decorated carbazoles: effect of substitution pattern on the optical and electroluminescent characteristics, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015, 80, 5812–5823. 9. D. Karthik, K. R. J. Thomas, J.-H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, Y.-L. Chen, Y.-C. Jou, Deep-blue emitting pyrene-benzimidazole conjugates for solution processed organic light-emitting diodes, RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 8727-8738. 10. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, C. C. An, S. H. Chen, S. H. Shih, S. C. Lin, Enabling a low circadian rhythm impact lighting on basis of candle light giving OLEDs, SID 2015 DIGEST. (Accepted) 11. J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, D. Tavgeniene, C. C. An, P. H. Fang, E. Zaleckas, J. V. Grazulevicius, S. Grigalevicius, Wet-process feasible novel carbazole-type molecular host for high efficiency phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2014, 2, 8707-8714. 12. J.-H. Jou, C.-Y. Hsieh, P.-W. Chen, Sudhir Kumar, J. H. Hong, Candle light-style OLED: a plausibly human-friendly safe night light, Journal of Photonic for Energy, 2014, 4, 043598. 13. Sudhir Kumar, J.-H. Jou, C.-Y. Hsieh, Y.-C. Jou, J.-R. Tseng, An energy efficient and high color rendering index candle light-style organic light emitting diode for illumination, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Edited by: V. K. Jain and A. Verma, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014, [DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-03002-9_237]. 14. C. T. Chen, W. S. Chao, H. W. Liu, Y. Wei, J. H. Jou, Sudhir Kumar, Spirally configured cis-stilbene/fluorene hybrids as bipolar, fluorescent materials for OLED applications, RSC Advances, 2013, 3, 9381-9390. 16.J. H. Jou, W.-B. Wang, S.-M. Shen, Sudhir Kumar, I-M. Lai, J.-J. Shyue, S. Lengvinaite, R. Zostautiene, J. V. Grazulevicius, S. Grigalevicius, S.-Z. Chen, C.-C. Wu, Highly efficient blue organic light emitting diode with an oligomeric host having high triplet energy and high electron mobility, Journal of Material Chemistry, 2011, 21, 9546-9552.

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LISE Lab. ETH Zurich

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