Roorkee, Uttarakhand


September 3

I am...

Biologist, Student

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Cancer nanotechnology

Interest in...

3D bioprinting Molecular biology Biotechnology

Publication list

1) S.Jindal, S. Chockalingam, S.S.Ghosh, P. Gopinath*.Connexin and gap junctions: Perspectives from biology to nanotechnology based therapeutics. Translational Research, 2021(I.F =5.411) (Q1) 2) V.K.Lakshmanan*, S. Jindal, P.Gopinath*, S. Ojha, S. Lian, A.Kaushik, A.I.M.A.Alzarooni, Y.A. F.Metwally, S.P. Thyagarajan, Y.D. Jung, S.Chouaib*. Nanomedicine-based Cancer Immunotherapy: Recent Trends and Future Perspectives. Nature Cancer Gene therapy, 2021 (I.F =4.81) (Q2) 3) Garima, S.Jindal, S.Garg, I.Matai, P. Gopinath, A. Sachdev*. Dual-Emission Copper Nanoclusters Based Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe for Intracellular Detection of Hydroxyl and Superoxide Anion Species. Microchimica Acta, 188:13,2021 (I.F=6.232) (Q1) 4) R. Pradhan*,A. Kalkal,S. Jindal, P.Gopinath*,S.Manhas*.Four Electrode-Based Impedimetric Biosensors for Evaluating Cytotoxicity of Tamoxifen on Cervical Cancer Cells. RSC Advances, 2021,11, 798–806 (IF=3.049) (Q1) 5) S.Jindal, P. Gopinath*. Nanotechnology based approaches for combatting COVID-19 viral infection, Nano Express, 2020, 1, 022003

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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

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