Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu


August 8

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Fabrication of nanoproducts, nanosensors

Interest in...

Nanotechnology, Rifle shooting, Fencing

Publication list

1. S C G Kiruba Daniel, N Mahalakshmi, J Sandhiya, K Nehru, M Sivakumar, Rapid synthesis of Ag nanoparticles using Henna extract for the fabrication of Photo absorption Enhanced Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (PE-DSSC), Advanced Materials Research, 2013;678: 349-360 Impact Factor 0.2 2. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, G. Vinothini, N. Subramanian, K. Nehru, M. Sivakumar, Biosynthesis of Cu, ZVI and Ag nanoparticles using Dodonea viscosa extract for antibacterial activity against human pathogens, Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2013; 15:1319-1329 Impact Factor 3.28 3. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, B. Nazeema Banu, M. Harshiny, K. Nehru, P. Sankar Ganesh, S. Kumaran, M. Sivakumar, Ipomea carnea - based silver nanoparticle synthesis for antibacterial activity against selected human pathogens, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience (In press) Impact Factor 1.01 4. J. Anitha, R. Krithikadevi, G. Raam Dheep, S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, K. Nehru, M. Sivakumar, Biosynthesis of Ag nanoparticles using Amaranthus tristis extract for the fabrication of nanoparticle embedded PVA membrane, Current Nanoscience, 2012; 8: 703 -708 Impact Factor 1.77 5. S C G Kiruba Daniel, K Nehru, M Sivakumar, Rapid biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Eichornia crassipes and its antibacterial activity, Journal of Current Nanoscience 2012; 8: 125-129. Impact Factor 1.77 6. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, T. Anitha Sironmani, V. Tharmaraj, K. Pitchumani, Synthesis and characterization of fluorophore attached silver nanoparticles, Bulletin of Materials Science. 2011; 34(4):639-643.Impact Factor 0.98 7. Nimrodh Ananth, S. C. G. Kiruba Daniel, T. Anitha Sironmani, S. Umapathi, PVA and BSA stabilized silver nanoparticles based surface-enhanced plasmon resonance probes for protein detection, Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces. 2011;85:138–144.Impact Factor 3.45 8. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, R. Kumar, V. Sathish, M. Sivakumar, S. Sunitha , T. Anitha Sironmani, Green Synthesis (Ocimum tenuiflorum) of Silver Nanoparticles and Toxicity Studies in Zebra Fish (Danio rerio) Model, International Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2011;2:103-117. 9. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, S.Ayyappan, N.John Paul Philiphan, M.Sivakumar, G.Menaga, T.Anitha Sironmani, Green synthesis and transfer of silver nanoparticles in a food chain through chiranamous larva to Zebra fish - a new approach for therapeutics, International Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2011; 2: 159-169. 10. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel, V. Tharmaraj, T. Anitha Sironmani, K. Pitchumani, Toxicity and immunological activity of silver nanoparticles, Journal of Applied Clay Science. 2010; 48:547-551 (Most Downloaded Paper) Impact Factor 2.47

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Department of Nanoscience and Technology, Anna University - 620024

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