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  • Dear Raymond,

    Thank you for your helpful response. I've now created an editor's account for you on the Nano Archive. Please can you let me know of an email address where I can send you the log in details and instructions for uploading your research?

    As regards the other researchers that you mentioned, can you suggest a way of contacting them?

    Thank you for your support of the ICPC Nanonet project.

    Best wishes

  • The ICPC Nanonet project (EU funded under FP7) offers you a free open access Nano Archive of nearly 7,000 items including many full texts at Please contact me if you would like to archive your research and I will create an editor's account for you. I am also interested in communicating with researchers in sub-Saharan Africa for an annual region report. Join the international network at The website also contains information for parties interested in FP7 collaboration.
  • Hallo Raymond,

    I like yr name. :)
    About what are you curious? =)
    - jillian in vegas
  • Hey Raymond,

    Yeah, i know the research center...although I work at the University (SZTE). I had some classes there during collage.
  • welcome to the nanoscience community

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