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  • hello HRU?
    What is your research area?
    I am working on CNT, polymer, TiO2, gas sensor and Organic solar cell.
  • hellow nivasini,gd mrng dis is raju frm andhra nice meeting u
  • Hi Nava
    Could you make friendhip with me? I know you are from beautiful place
  • welcome nivashni to my group nano friends. from the beginning your comments are encouraging. you take pains to browse the material on the net and put up enthusiastically. looking forward to interaction/friendship with you. u can write to me your alternate e-mail. this group is to interact on personal level and get to meet ultimately.
  • Hai Welcome to our NS community
    I am Doing M.Sc. Nano Science and Tchnology in Bharathiar University. this is my final semester and my project going on pharmaceutical
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • thanks foe your wishes
    r u Research student or ...?
  • hi this is santhosh from Andhra University, vizag
    Happy New Year
  • thanks for the educative post in nano science education. i have already launched myself into studying nano science. anyway thanks for the the link. i have also intiated discussions "is it safe to use nono-scale materials in cosmetics" and "regarding boosting of immunity to ward off disesases by balanced diet". The heading may slightly different as i am tying from your page. Kindly go through and offer your valuable comments.
  • i agree that the message and awareness should reach people in all walks of life. I am striving for that in my own humble way. thanks for the encouraging comments
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