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  • the paper is about the benefits of s&T communication in the context of present day needs. S&T development facilitated easy communication,transportation, entertainment, household appliances and so on.Industrial reveloution and green revolution also brought attendant perils of global warming due to co2 emission, ozone layer depletion due to CFC emissions, atmospheric pollution and energy crisis by the petol driven vehic les. I presented the view that these unsavoury effects of S&T developments may be remedied by the same S&T by creating awareness amongst all sections of the soceity and applyihg suitable science and technology.

    My power point presentation was well received by the student community
  • Hello Nivashini,
    I hope your studies and interest find you well! Happy New and prosperous year ahead of yopu are my wishes. I will appreciate this online forum as a distance learning for me to share with you your experiences in your interesting endeavours at school and other extra-curricular activities. I wish you all the best.
  • very nice of you for leaving a comment in my page. I was in chennai recently for the 8thNational Science Communication congress2008 at sciencecity where I presented a paper. met many from students side.
  • welcome to the nanoscience community


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  • Dear friend I would be grateful to have joint projects about nanodrugs and nanocarriers with your group
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