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- Synthesis of new materials such as high quality metallic, magnetic and semiconductor nanocrystls (size distribution less than 4% ) of different shapes (rods, spheres, hexagonal, and triangles, tetrapods, nanochain, & nanocubes), and modification of the surface properties by capping the particles with different polymers to functionalize them for different nanotechnological applications. - Characterization of these nanocrystals using TEM, X-ray diffraction, UV-Visible Absorption, Florescence, Raman and Step-scan FTIR measurements. - Studying the optical properties and the ultrafast optical dynamics of these particles and their dependence on size, shape, surface properties and the surrounding matrix using femto-second spectroscopic techniques such as pump-probe and femto-second up conversion techniques

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quantum dot solar cell, nanomedicine, Graphene nanocomposites, Nanomaterial for water desalination, Nanocatalysis. New and advanced materials

Publication list

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