Puebla, Puebla


October 10

I am...

Chemist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Nanomaterials, nanotoxicology, chemistry of materials

Interest in...

Nanotoxicology, environmental nanomaterials, energy generation, catalysis

Publication list

- Gomez, Z.; Peña, E.; Méndez-Rojas, M. A.; Fonseca-Guerra, C.; Bickelhaupt, F. M.; Merino, G. “A helicoidal ferrocene”, Inorganic Chemistry, 48(7), 2714-2716, 2009. - Ramos Ortiz, G.; Romero Servin, S.; Maldonado, J. L.; Meneses Nava, M. A.; Barbosa García, O.; Zapata Castillo, P.; Méndez-Rojas, M. A.; Hopfl, H. “Synthesis and optical nonlinearities of a 2-amino-1,2,3-triazolquinone derivative” Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 515, 109-124, 2009. - Ortega-Moo, C.; Cervantes-Jauregui, J.; Méndez-Rojas, M. A.; Panell, K.; Merino, G. “What it is the structure of Si3H5-?” Chemical Physics Letters, 490, 1-3, 2010. - Bouhmaida, N.; Méndez-Rojas, M. A.; Merino, G.; Pérez-Benítez, A.; Merino, G.; Fraisse, B.; Ghermani, N. E. “Experimental Electron Density Study of Tetrakis-μ-(acetylsalicylate)dicopper(II): a Polymeric Structure with Cu…Cu Short Contacts”, Inorganic Chemistry, 49(14), 6443-6452 , 2010. - Bandala, E. R.; Pérez, R.; Velez, E.; Sánchez-Salas, J.L.; Mendez-Rojas, M. A. “Bacillus subtilis spore inactivation in wáter using photo-assisted Fenton reaction” (in press, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management, 2011).

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Universidad de las Americas Puebla

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