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dairy chemistry and technology

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food nanotechnology

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12- Mervat I. Foda, S. A. Kholif and A. A. Kholif (2009). Evaluation of goat milk containing galactooligosaccharides after supplementing the ration with amino acids. International J. Dairy Science. 4 (1): 27-33. 11- Mervat I. Foda; Faten L. Saleet and A. H. El-Ghorab.(2008). Sensory evaluation and related volatile components of white herby cheese. International J. of Dairy Science. 3 (4): 160-169 10- Mervat I. Foda and Tsuneyuki Oku (2008). Changes of milk protein of lactating mothers following breast massage. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 2, (3): 252-259. 9- Mervat I. Foda; M. A. Abdel-Aziz and A. A. Awad. (2007). Chemical, reological and sensory evaluation of turmeric yoghurt. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 2 (3): 252-259. 8- S. A. Kholif; Mervat I. Foda and A. A. Kholif (2006). Effect of ration supplementation with lysine and methionine in two different forms on goat milk. Indian J of Dairy Science, 59, 5, 281-286. 7- Mervat I. Foda; Takaaki Kawashima; Sadako Nakamura; Michiko Kobayashi and Tsuneyuki Oku (2004). Composition of milk obtained from unmassaged versus massaged breasts of lactating mothers. J. of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 38 (5): 484 – 487. 6- Mar Villamiel, Nieves Corzoa, Mervat I. Foda, Fernando Montes and Agustin Olano (2002). Lactulose formation catalysed by alkaline-substituted sepiolites in milk permeate. Food chemistry, 76, p., 7. 5- Mervat I. Foda and M. H. Lopez Leiva (2000). Continuous production of oligosaccharides from whey using a membrane reactor. Process Biochemistry, 35, p 581 4- Ismail Y. S. Rustum, Mervat I. Foda and M. H. Lopez Leiva (1998). Formation of oligosaccharides from whey UF-permeate by enzymatic hydrolysis- Analysis of factors. Food Chemistry, 62, 2, p. (141). 3-Y. A. El-Samragy, M. A. Khorshid, M. I. Foda and A. E. Shehata, (1996). Effect of fermentation conditions on the production of citric acid from cheese whey by Aspergillus niger. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 29, p.411. 2- Y. A. El-Samragy, A. E. Shehata, M. I. Foda and M. A. Khorshid. (1993). Effect of salt on the production of citric acid from whey as a means for pollution control in Domiati cheese manufacture. Dairy, Food and Environmental Sanitation, 13, p. 638. 1-Y. A. El-Samragy, A. E. Shehata, M. I. Foda and M. A. Khorshid. (1993). Suitability of strains and mutants of Aspergillus niger for the production of citric acid from cheese whey. Milchwissenshaft, 48, (9), p. 498.

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