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  • Hello manish,

    i am working with iron based nanoparticles are their application for environmental remediation...........
  • hello manish......

    are you also into synthesis of novel nanoparticles are their green application?
  • Hi Manish, I don't have any protocol for you.
    Good luck!
  • hi manish,
    thanks for accepting my request
    i m a student in ceramics department in IT-BHU
    as it is now i have not much renowned interests.
    but currently i m working upon Cu nanoparticles, their characterization and synthesis, and their green use
    i need your guidance that what should i do.
    i have no idea about the further researches and all that..
    how to move and what to do.. please help me
    so are you basically from allahabad, what are you doing?
    bye take care
  • hello manish, this is mani, student from IT-BHU, ceramics, i saw your profile as a member of nanoindia...can we be frnds and share our ideas and views about nanotechnology...
    good luck
  • Hi Sir,
    Thank you for adding me as a friend. I see your interest are broad across the bio-field. From what I know of bioinformatics, that alone will keep a person busy for a lifetime. I'm glad you are another that sees the interdisciplinary trend. Best of success.
  • Thanks to All of You..........
  • Welcome to our community!

    Jose Feneque, DVM
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