June 17

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Biologist, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Student, User of nanotechnology products

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Nano-Biotechnology,Immunology, Biosensors,Microfluidics,Checmical Sensors, Sensors for Environment,

Interest in...

Nanobiotechnology,Biosensors and Microfluidics

Publication list

[1] M. Kukkar, S. Singh, N. Kumar, S. K. Tuteja, K.-H. Kim, and A. Deep, "Molybdenum disulfide quantum dot based highly sensitive impedimetric immunoassay for prostate specific antigen," Microchimica Acta, September 16 2017. [2] S. K. Bhardwaj, A. L. Sharma, N. Bhardwaj, M. Kukkar, A. A. Gill, K.-H. Kim, et al., "TCNQ-doped Cu-metal organic framework as a novel conductometric immunosensing platform for the quantification of prostate cancer antigen," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 240, pp. 10-17, 2017. [3] S. K. Tuteja, R. Chen, M. Kukkar, C. K. Song, R. Mutreja, S. Singh, et al., "A label-free electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of cardiac marker using graphene quantum dots (GQDs)," Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol. 86, pp. 548-556, 2016. [4] M. Kukkar, A. Sharma, P. Kumar, K.-H. Kim, and A. Deep, "Application of MoS 2 modified screen-printed electrodes for highly sensitive detection of bovine serum albumin," Analytica chimica acta, vol. 939, pp. 101-107, 2016. [5] M. Kukkar, S. K. Tuteja, A. L. Sharma, V. Kumar, A. K. Paul, K.-H. Kim, et al., "A New Electrolytic Synthesis Method for Few-Layered MoS2 Nanosheets and Their Robust Biointerfacing with Reduced Antibodies," ACS applied materials & interfaces, vol. 8, pp. 16555-16563, 2016. [6] S. K. Bhardwaj, N. Bhardwaj, M. Kukkar, A. L. Sharma, K.-H. Kim, and A. Deep, "Formation of high-purity indium oxide nanoparticles and their application to sensitive detection of ammonia," Sensors, vol. 15, pp. 31930-31938, 2015. [7] S. K. Tuteja, M. Kukkar, C. Suri, A. Paul, and A. Deep, "One step in-situ synthesis of amine functionalized graphene for immunosensing of cardiac marker cTnI," Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol. 66, pp. 129-135, 2015. [8] S. K. Tuteja, M. Kukkar, P. Kumar, A. Paul, and A. Deep, "Synthesis and characterization of silica-coated silver nanoprobe for paraoxon pesticide detection," BioNanoScience, vol. 4, pp. 149-156, 2014. [9] P. Sharma, M. Kukkar, A. K. Ganguli, A. Bhasin, and C. R. Suri, "Plasmon enhanced fluoro-immunoassay using egg yolk antibodies for ultra-sensitive detection of herbicide diuron," Analyst, vol. 138, pp. 4312-4320, 2013. [10] D. Kukkar, M. Kukkar, I. Kaur, J. Singh, and L. M. Bharadwaj, "Synthesis of poly (ϵ-caprolactone) microreactors from freeze-dried microspheres," Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, vol. 51, pp. 1275-1281, 2012. [11] P. Sharma, V. Bhalla, S. Tuteja, M. Kukkar, and C. R. Suri, "Rapid extraction and quantitative detection of the herbicide diuron in surface water by a hapten-functionalized carbon nanotubes based electrochemical analyzer," Analyst, vol. 137, pp. 2495-2502, 2012.

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