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  • Thanks Scort,
    I'll be interested to networking as a distributor probably with an exclusive right to cover the region of my performance, but must be within West Afrika. You should let me know what qualitative and quantitative performance is due your grant, so i can asses my capability! Regards.
  • Hello kurt,
    I am very pleased to learn about your shift from Atomistix for QuantumWise, its quite important that we uphold our visions at whatever cost because its our guiding light and essence of being which without life future becomes a giving and not what we make of our own choice. Thanks today for that stand that we've got the birth of tht ATKsemi empirical which is really a tested revolution for upgrade and systems recycling. Please do keep me posted on these product outlay and your policies for licensing distribution across national boundaries as i seek to market this innovation locally.
    GeorgeD Regards.
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