July 27

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Biologist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Application of bionanomaterials in medicine and environmental applications

Interest in...

Nanofibers, Nanotheraputics

Publication list

• Karthikeyan M, Aravinth A, Baskaran D, Murugappan RM. 2018. Bioconversion of Oily bilge waste to Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) by Marine Ochrobactrum intermedium. Bioresource Technology Reports. 4, 66-73. • P.Prakash, R.Abraham, M.Karthikeyan, RM.Murugappan. 2018. Simple synthesis of hydrazones with quorum quenching activity at room temperature in water. Environmental Chemistry Letters. (IF- 4.6) • A.Rajan, Prakash P Karthikeyan M, Murugappan RM. A novel and convenient oxidation-controlled procedure for the synthesis of oxazolines from TosMIC and aldehydes in water - Anti biofilm activity. Arabian Journal of Chemistry. 2018 (Accepted – Article in Press ) (IF-3.2) • R.Abraham, P.Prakash, M.Karthikeyan, RM.Murugappan. 2018. A novel series of N-acyl substituted indole-linked benzimidazoles and napthoimidazoles as potential anti-inflammatory, antibiofilm and antimicrobial agents. Microbial pathogenisis.114, 409-413. (IF- 2.5) • C.Usha,S.Lok Kirubahar, M. Karthikeyan, RM.Murugappan. 2016.Fabrication Of Wound Dressings Impregnated With Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized From Honey: A Facile Approach For Antibacterial Application. TEJAS,Vol 1(1),PP 88-98. • Benazir Begum S, Raja roobia R, Karthikeyan M, Murugappan RM. 2015. Validation of nutraceutical properties of natural honey and probiotic potential of its innate microbial flora. LWT- Food science and Technology. 60: 743-750. (IF- 2.4) • Murugappan RM, Karthikeyan M, Aravinth A, Alamelu M 2012. Siderophore mediated iron uptake promotes yeast-bacterial symbiosis. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 168:2170-2183. (IF- 1.9) • Murugappan RM, Aravinth A, Raja Roobia R, Karthikeyan M, Alamelu M 2012. Optimization of MM9 medium constituents for enhancement of siderophoregenesis in marine Pseudomonas putida using response surface methodology. Indian Journal of Microbiology 52 (3): 433-441. (IF- 0.9) • Murugappan RM, Aravinth A, Karthikeyan M 2011. Chemical and structural characterization of hydroxamate siderophore produced by marine Vibrio harveyi. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, 38 (2): 265-273. (IF- 2.7) • G. Saravana Kumar, S.Kanagavalli and M.Karthikeyan. Microbial Production of Bioplastics using Petrochemical Wastes. 2014. TNSCST student research project Scheme Proceedings • M.Karthikeyan and K.M.Rajasekaran. Screening,Characterization & Antibiosis of Siderophores produced by Marine Yeast. 2010. DBT student research project Scheme Proceedings. • . RM.Murugappan, Benazir begum S, Usha C, Lok kirubahar S, Karthikeyan M. Growth Promoting and Probiotic potential of the Endophytic bacterium Rhodococcus globerulus colonizing the medicinal plant Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng. International Journal of Current Research and Review. 9 (14): 7-13.

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Department of Zoology and Microbiology, Thiagarajar College, Madurai

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