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Synthesis and characterization of nano-materials / nano-composite, Semiconductors nanoparticles and their application, Liquid crystal as nano-reactors, Renewable Energy, Hydrogen production via water splitting.

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Postdoctoral fellowship in nanomaterial.

Publication list

1- I. G. Galyaviev, G. M. Safiullin, V. G. Nikiforov, V. S. Lobkov, Nassar I. M., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Non-linear optical property of nanocomopsite CdS. Int'l Conference on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics; Lasers, Applications, and Technologies. - Kazan. - Russia. - ICONO / LAT 2010. – Р 113-118. 2- Nassar I. M., Selivanov N. M., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Structure and properties of liquid crystals on the basis of nitrate cadmium and nonionic surfactant // Liquid crystals and their practical use. 2010. №. 2 (32). P. 12 – 17. 3- Nassar I. M., Galjaviev I. G., Safiullin G. M., Nekefarov V. G., Labkov V. C, Galyametdinov Yu. G. Templatin synthesis of nanocompposite CdS with nonlinear-optical properties // Izvestiya of the Russian Academy of Science. A set chemical. 2011. 4- Nassar I. M., Osipova V. V., Safiullin G. , Lobkov V. & Galyametdinov Yu., Preparation of II-VI semiconductors nanoparticles and investigation of their photophysical properties, International Journal of Green Nanotechnology, 2011 Number 1, Pages 22-36. 5- Nassar I. M. Synthesis and evaluation of cadmium sulphide/ polymethylmethacrylate Nanocomposite and their effect on physical and mechanical Properties of asphalt binder,” International J. of Green Nanotechnology 4(2): 135–140, 2012. 6- Nassar I. M., Kabel I. K., Ibrahim M. I. “Evaluation of the Effect of Waste Polystyrene on Performance of Asphalt Binder” ARPN Journal of Science and Technology, 2 (10): 927- 935, 2012. 7- Ahmed M. A. El Naggar, Ibrahim. M. Nassar, Heba M. Gobara, Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Water Photo-Catalytically Using Chalcogenide d-Elements Nanoparticles induced by UV light. Journal of Nanoscale ; (Accepted). Conferences Publications 1- Selivanova N. M., Danovskij D. E., Nassar I. M., Lopkov V. C., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Nanoorgainziation d-elements lyotopic mesophase on the basis of oligo ethylene oxide, Theses of reports, 12 International conferences on high-molecular connections, Kazan, Russian Federation, 2008, P. 69. 2- Nassar I. M., Selivanova N.M., Galyaviev I.M., Galyametdinov Yu.G. Prepared lyotropic mesophase for templating syntesis of quantum dot CdS nanoparticles, XVII International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Russia, Kazan, Russian Federation, 2009, P. 184. 3- Selivanova N. M., Nassar I. M., Galjaviev I. R., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Template synthesis and photophysical properties of CdS nanoparticles // Theses of reports of the Third All-Russia conference on nanopmaterial (NANO 2009), Ekaterinburg, С.233-234. 4- Nassar I. M., Selivanov N. M., Galjaviev I. R., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Study of x-ray and UV properties for CdS nanoparticles templating synthesis. XVI All-Russia conference on structure and dynamics of molecular systems Jalchik, 2009. 5- Selivanova N. M., Nassar I. M., Galeeva A. I., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Liotropnye liquid crystal systems in creation ordered nanostructure, Theses of reports of VII International scientific conference on lyotropic liquid crystals and nanomaterial together with a symposium « Successes in studying thermotropic liquid crystals » (Evanova- Russia) 2009, P. 30. 6- Nassar I. M., Selivanov N. M., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Optical properties nanocompsite materials on the basis of CdS stabilized in a matrix (PMMA). Reports of VIII International conference on synthesis, research of property, modification and processing of high-molecular connections, (Kazan) 2009, P. 188. 7- Nassar I. M., Selivanova N. M., Galyametdinov Yu. G.Templatne as a way of reception CdS semiconductor nanoparticlies, Reports of scientific session КГТУ, Kazan, 2009, P. 8. 8- Nassar I. M., Galyaviev I. M., Lobkov V. S., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Templating synthesis via lyotropic liquid crystal of CdS nanoparticles with green luminescence, International Soft Matter Conference, 5-8 July 2010, Granada, Spain. 9- Nassar I. M., Galjaviev I. R, Safiullin G. M., Lopkov V. C., Galyametdinov Yu. G. Reception CdS nanoparticles in lyotropic mesophase , XX All-Russia conference « X-ray both electronic spectra and chemical communication », Novosibirsk, on May, 24-27th 2010. 10- Nassar I. M., Ibrahim I. M., The15 th International conference on Petroleum, Mineral Resources and Development “The Effect of Cadmium Sulfide/ Polymethylmethacrylate Nanocomposite on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Binder”, February, 8-10, 2012.

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Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute

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