November 18

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Chemist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Luminescent nanomaterial

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Reading, travelling

Publication list

1) H. L. Wen, H. Zhu, X. Chen, T. F. Hung, B. L. Wang, G. Y. Zhun, S. F. Yu, F. Wang, Upconverting near-infrared light through energy management in core-shell-shell nanoparticles, Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2) Y. W. Yip‡, H. L. Wen‡, W. T. Wong, P. A. Tanner, K. L. Wong, Increased antenna effect of the lanthanide complexes by control of a number of terdentate N-donor pyridine Ligands, Inorganic Chemistry. 3) H. L. Wen, G. H. Jia, C.-K. Duan, P. A. Tanner, Understanding Eu3+ emission spectra in glass, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 4) H. L. Wen, Peter A. Tanner, Optical properties of 3d transition metal ion-doped sodium borosilicate glass, Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 5) H. L. Wen, Peter A. Tanner, Optical properties of 3dN transition metal ion-doped lead borate glasses, Materials Research Bulletin, 2016, 83, 400-407. 6) H. L. Wen, C.-K. Duan, G. H. Jia, P. A. Tanner, M. G. Brik, Glass composition and excitation wavelength dependence of the luminescence of Eu3+ doped lead borate glass, Journal of Applied Physics, 2011, 110, 033536. 7) H. L. Wen, P. A. Tanner, Energy transfer and luminescence studies of Pr3+, Yb3+ co-doped lead borate glass, Optical Materials, 2011, 33, 1602-1606. 8) H. L. Wen, P. A. Tanner, 4f8–4f8 Ultraviolet absorption spectrum of Cs2NaTbCl6, Chemical Physics Letters, 2011, 508, 49-53. 9) C.-K. Duan, H. L. Wen, P. A. Tanner, Local-field effect on the spontaneous radiative emission rate, Physical Review B, 2011, 83, 245123.

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Guangdong University of Technology

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