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Nanomedicine, Stem cell therapy, Tissue engineering, Nano-remediation

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Nanomedicine, Stem cell therapy, Tissue engineering, Nano-remediation

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List of publications (*Corresponding author) 1.B. Bhushan, P. Dubey, S. Uday Kumar, A. Sachdev, I. Matai, P.Gopinath*. Bionanotherapeutics: Niclosamide Encapsulated Albumin Nanoparticles as a Novel Drug Delivery System for Cancer Therapy. RSC Advances, 2015 (in press) (IF=3.708) 2.I. Matai, A. Sachdev and P.Gopinath*. Multicomponent 5-fluorouracil loaded PAMAM stabilized-silver nanocomposites synergistically induce apoptosis in human cancer cells. Biomaterials Science, 2015 (in press) (Cover page of the issue) 3.A.Sachdev, I.Matai and P.Gopinath*. Dual-functional carbon dots-silver@zinc oxide nanocomposite: In vitro evaluation of cellular uptake and apoptosis induction. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015 (in press) (Cover page of the issue) 4.D. Malwal and P.Gopinath*. Fabrication and characterization of poly (ethylene oxide) templated nickel oxide nanofibers for dye degradation. Environmental Science: Nano, 2015 (in press) 5.S. Uday Kumar, I. Matai, P. Dubey, B. Bhushan, A. 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Nanobiotechnology Laboratory, Centre for Nanotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand-247667, India.

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