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  • RespectedSir,

                I am sending this mail for applying the post of Post doctoral/Research Assistant/Teacher position in your esteemed organization. I am currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Nanotechnology at the Regional Centre – Coimbatore, Anna University and fully expect to complete my doctoral degree requirements by June 2014. I respectfully submit this letter of application, for I believe my experiences and commitment to teaching make me well qualified to meet the needs of your program.

                As a senior engineering research fellow at the Regional Centre –
    Coimbatore, Anna University, I believe that my academic training and
    my four years of experience of teaching in nanotechnology prepare me
    to be an effective researcher and instructor in your department. In
    addition to classroom instruction, I have advised students on
    appropriate research topics and edited and evaluated their work.

    I have enclosed my CV for your reference, and I
    look forward to hearing from you soon.

                If you require any additional materials or information, I am happy to supply it. Thank you very much for your consideration.







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