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Chemist, Physicist, Engineer

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Nanoscience and technology, polymers, liquid crystals

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My research is multidisciplinary in nature and involves the study of both novel and technological significant materials, principally polymer-based. I work extensively with Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, Food Scientists, Environmental Scientists, Medical Professionals and Physicists in both Academia and Industry.  Nano-structured polymers The design and control of the molecular organisation of nano-structured synthetic polymers to achieve tailored materials with target properties; Extensive use is made of in-situ x-ray (including synchrotron radiation) and neutron scattering to enable the key changes in molecular organisation to be quantitatively evaluated in real-time during polymer processing as well as ex-situ advanced microscopy. A particular focus is the use of these materials in food and medical packaging and biomedical devices  Biodegradable polymers and Recycling Enhancing the properties of biodegradable polymers; Food packaging; Enhancing properties in recycled polymers; nano and micro composites based on recycled and reclaimed materials; Biomedical devices; Regenerative medicine;  Sustainable Manufacturing Novel rapid manufacturing techniques especially objects with spatially varying properties; Localised manufacturing;

Publication list

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