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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

challenging areas of Nanotechnology, Polymer Science, Material Science and allied fields. I am also keen to work on oscillating chemical reactions.

Interest in...

Synthesizing the new novel conducting polymer composite materials and study their electrical properties and sensor activity.

Publication list

PAPERS PUBLISHED/COMMUNICATED 1. “Synthesis and characterization of conducting Polypyrrole-polymannuronate nanaocomposites” C.Basavaraja, Y. Veeranagouda & Kyoung Lee T.K.Vishnuvardhan, R. Pierson, and Do Sung Huh Y. Polym.Res.4th June 2009. DOI 10.1007/s10965-009-9309-4 2. “Characterization and electrical behaviour of polyaniline-poly-N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid/alumina aqueous dispersions in the presence of dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid” C.Basavaraja, R. Pierson, T.K.Vishnuvardhan, and Do Sung Huh. Europian Polymer Journal. 44 (5), p.1556-1566, May 2008. doi:10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2008.02.015 3. “Preparation, Characterization and Low Frequency a.c. Conduction of Polypyrrole-Lead Titanate Composites” C.Basavaraja,Young Min Choi, Hyun Tae Park, Do Sung Huh, Huh, Jae Wook Lee, M Revanasiddappa, S.C.Raghavendra, S.Khasim and T.K.Vishnuvardhan Korean Bulletin of Chemical Society 28,1104,2007. 4. “Bifurcation Phase studies of the BZ reaction system containing Oxalic acid and acetone as mixed organic substrate in open system” C.Basavaraja Do Sung Huh, Sung Hyun Park, Un Ji Jeon, R. Pierson, T.K.Vishnuvardhan and V.R.kulkarni Korean Bulletin of Chemical Society,28, (9)1489,2007. 5. “Electrical properties of PPy-CeO2 composites prepared at room temperature” T.K Vishnuvardhan, Kulkarni V.R, Materials Science Research India, (In Press). 6. “Synthesis, characterization and ac conductivity of Polypyrrole/Y2O3 composites” T.K.Vishnuvardhan, Kulkarni V.R, Basavaraja C. and Raghavendra S.C. Bulletin of Materials Science. 29(1), 77-83, 2006. doi:10.1007/BF02709360 7. “Simulation of the effect of oxalic acid and acetone on the bistability behaviour of the minimal bromate oscillator in a CSTR” C.Basavaraja, V.R.Kulkarni,T.K.Vishnuvardhan,S.Mohan,Y.M.Iyerand G.V.Subbarao, Ind. J. of Chem. Section A. 44, 1984-87, 2005. 8. “Anomalous behavior of platinum electrode in Briggs-Rauscher oscillating Chemical Reaction” T.K. Vishnuvardhan, C. Basavaraja, V.R.Kulkarni, Materials Science Research India, 1(2),97,2004. 9. “Synthesis characterization and electrical properties of PPy/CeO2 composites” Proceedings of the Interntional conferenceon Advanced Polymer Technology T.K,Vishnuvardhan,V.R.Kulkanri, C.Basavaraja, M Revanasiddappa, and S.C.Raghavendra. 635,2004. 10. “Model simulation of BZ reaction containing oxalic acid and acetone as mixed organic substrate in CSTR mode” V.R.Kulkarni, C.Basavaraja and T.K.Vishnuvardhan Journal of Indian Chem. Soc., 80(1), 100, 2003. 11. “Perspectives of Education in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology in the Indian Universities: a Critical study” V.R.Kulkarni, T.K.Vishnuvardhan and C.Basavaraja Journal of Materials Education 24(1-3), 151-156, 2002.

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Acharya Inatitute of Technolgy Soladevanahalli Bangalore

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