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  • Hello.I am student of environmental engineering, solid waste. I am searching for my MS thesis's topic and I am interested in soil remediation. I am going to work on elimination of TCE or other chlorinated hydrocarbons with EZVI or ZVI.I am not sure and I am still saerching. would you do me a favor and give me your advice?   or If there is better options for soil remediation?


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  • Hello Dr. Varima.
    I have completed my master's in nanoscience and technology from anna university with distinction. I am interested in joining Phd. Pls let me know if there is any vacancy in the same. Also send me some suggestions.
  • Hi Dr...

    Thanx for adding me in your great list...
  • hello.......... well i work with iron based nanoparticles for environmental remediation.........
  • Hello Dr. Varima Bokare,
    How are you. I am working in Magnetic nanoparticles. Are you intrested in this field?
  • i donot work in nanophosohors...........i work with zero valent metal nanoparticles for pollutant should ask some other person who is an expert in tagging nanoparticle sto proteins.......
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii dear M'am how r u?
    Please tell me the process of tagging of nanophosphors to the protein and their analysis.
  • Hiiiii how r u ?
    can u give me cadmeium nanoparticles synthesis protocol as you told me ?
    my id is
  • Dear Dr. Varima
    I am waiting for your reply...............
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