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  • Dear Madam
    If possible please send me review and development of nanophosphors that u synthesize. I want to use these nanoparticles for Protein tagging and bioimaging.
    thank you
  • my id is
    thank you so much for kind support
  • Dear Dr. Varima
    Thanks but may i have any lab protocol for yttrium and cadmeium nanophopsphors synthesis ?
  • Dear Dr. Varima,
    Thanks to accept my request,
    Yes I m also involved in the nanoparticles synthesis but I am facing some trouble in some nanoparticles synthesis . Can you help me with this regard? Which area you are working on?
    Looking for your early response.
    thank you,
  • As am on leave for couple of months, Kindly mail us at to Mr. Vivek Gupta for any queries.
  • Hi madam,
    Wishes and greeting, thanks for accepting my request
  • Its very nice to here from you. i am working on Micro and Nano machining and finish.
  • Dear Dr Varima
    Me as a Software Engineer from Bangalore;newbie to NanoTech.Would like to learn on this emerging technology
  • Respected Maam
    I am a student pursuing M.Sc in Nanoscience, at Amity University, India. As per the syllabus of ours, we are suppose to take up an 1 year of dissertation in the field of interest affiliated by esteemed Universities around the globe. So, I request you please give some suggestions to let me acknowledge about my future plans. I am deeply interested in Nanobiotechnology, specilly Enviormenta + Nanobiotechnology related worke, concepts. I would be happy if I would get some interesting suggestions and advices too.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • Dear Varima
    Thank you for your information and I will check out the website of your group. I just am seeking a PhD position with prerequisted insruments to use and fine database to find paper, also excellent people to co-work with. I don't care much about which country to appliy.
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