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  • Hello Sir,

           I am K L N Acharya, I have completed M.Tech in Nanolectronics from SASTRA University. I am looking for a PhD position in the fields of Nanoelectronics. I am very much interested in nanofabrication processes. can you please suggest me on how do i proceed. During my Master's project i have worked on Lattice Dynamics of Nanostructured CdO using DFT and Born-von-Karman model.

    Thank you


  • Are you involved in any transparent thin film deposition using sputtering
  • Respected Sir,

    I am Shivam Rastogi, recently graduated from Jaypee University of
    Information Technology, Wakhnaghat, Shimla , India in Electronics and
    Communication Engineering,
    I got through your research page where I have seen your interest
    that you are carrying out in the area of Nano Science
    I have done some research work at the time of my under graduation
    and published in different international publications which helps
    keeping me abreast with the latest technology up-gradation in

    Sir I would be very grateful if you please guide me to pursue career
    for Research as further I am interested to pursue MS in Nano Science
    and Technology henceforth I request you to please throw some light on
    What are the opportunities do I have ?
    Sir Please mail me your contact details so that I can send you my Resume.
    With Regards,
    Shivam Rastogi
    contact details: +91-7206256759
  • welcome dr.Prashant
  • thank you so much
    thanks also giving permission sending you mail when ı need help.
    as soon as ı search and decide ı will write to you.
  • hello
    ı am master student
    because of changing my advisor ı also may change my subject ı worked on nanotechnology and CNTs but now ı should combine nano and superconductivity.ı am searching thesis subject including you know any subject,please let me know.
    zeynep meriç
  • thanks for contacting me. I have added you as a new friend. look forward to hearing from you. best.Hamid
  • Dear Prashant,

    Try for post doc if you are interested in the material science depart of pohang institute of science and technology ( POSTECH).......check out its web site........
  • seems Highly Talented Personality
  • Hi prashant !
    I found your research area interesting and closely matching with mine. I guess this is a nice forum to interact and share each others' knowledge. Do u have any experience on the biological applications of nanoparticles?
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