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May 7

I am...

Chemist, Doctor, Social scientist, Student

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Metal Nanoparticles, Catalyst  and polymer Nanocomposites for energy and environmental application.

Interest in...

1. metal-polymer nanofluids and composites and its application

2. metal oxide catalyst for energy and environmental applications.

3. SCR of NOx emission

4. Polymer foam for thermal insulation, oil-water separation, Midsole and EMI shielding application.

Publication list

  1. Lightweight Self-cleaning Trans-polyisoprene/Multiwalled carbon nanotubes Open-cell Composite Material: Its Electromagnetic Shielding Performance, Yifa Song, Ajit Dattatray Phule, Dan Wang, Leyuan Ma, Hongzhen Wang, Zhen Xiu Zhang*, eXPRESS Polymer Letters, 2021, (Proof) (Impact Factor: 3.04)
  2. Multifunctional adsorbent: chitosan and tannic acid modified latex sponge for removing dyes and Cu2+ from sewage waste, Liyan Qiu; Ajit Dattatray Phule; Shibao Wen; Xin Zhang; Qi Chen; Zhen Xiu Zhang, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2021, p. 210096 (1-11).
  3. Microcellular conductive carbon black or Graphene/PVDF composite foam with 3D conductive channel: a promising lightweight, heat insulation and EMI Shielding material, Li Jiang Jia, Ajit Dattatray Phule, Yue Geng, Shibao Wen, Zhen Xiu Zhang*, Macomolecular Materials and Engineering, 2021, p. 2000759 (1-16). (Impact Factor: 3.85)
  4. Efficient Natural Rubber Latex Foam coated by rGO modified High Density Polyethylene for Oil-Water Separation and Electromagnetic Shielding Performance, Yan Sun, Liyuan Ma, Yifa Song, Ajit Dattatray Phule, Lin Li,  Zhen Xiu Zhang, European Polymer Journals, 2021, vol. 147, p. 110288. (Impact Factor: 3.862).
  5. A new TPE-based foam material from EPDM/PPB blends: Attempts as buffer energy absorbing material. Zhen Xiu Zhang, Yi Ming Wang, Yue Zhao, Xin Zhang, Ajit Dattatray Phule*, eXPRESS Polymer Letters, 2021, vol. 15 (2), pp. 89-103. (Impact Factor: 3.04)
  6. High performance of catalytic sheet filters of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 for NOx reduction, A. D. Phule, J. H. Choi, and J. H. Kim, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2020. (Impact Factor: 3.0).
  7. Thermal aging, Physico-mechanical, Dynamic mechanical properties of Chlorinated Polyethylene/Red mud Composites, Li Yang Qiu, Ajit Dattatray Phule*, Ying Xia Han, Shibao Wen, Zhen-Xiu Zhang*, Polymer composites, 2020, pp. 4740-4749. (Impact Factor: 2.2).
  8. Ultra-light, heat-resistant, heat-resistance fluoroelastomer foam prepared by gel foaming method, Z. X. Zhang,* A. D. Phule *, Colloids Surface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspect, 2020, volume. 604, p.125310. (Impact Factor: 3.99)
  9. Influence of 1-butene content on mechanical, thermal, and cushioning properties of propylene/1-butene copolymer foamed by supercritical carbon dioxide. Shibao Wen, Leilei Yu, Ajit Dattatray Phule , Yue Zhao, Xin Zhang, Zhen Xiu Zhang* , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2020, volume 165, pp. 104987  (Impact Factor: 3.79).
  10. Optical, Structural, and Antimicrobial Study of Gold nanoparticles Synthesized Using an Aqueous Extract of Mimusops elengi Raw Fruits, Arpita Tripathy, Manoranjan Behera, Ardhendu Sekhar Rout, Susanta Kumar Biswal, Ajit Dattatray Phule, Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 2020, vol. 10, p, 7085.
  11. Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic polyethylene aerogel coated matural rubber latex foam for oil-water separation application: L. Zou, A. D. Phule, Y. Sun, T. Y. Zhu, S. Wen, Z. X. Zhang, Polymer Testing, 2020, volume 85, p. 106451. (Impact Factor: 2.94).
  12. A lightweight, thermal insulation and weatherability foam crosslinked by electron beam irradiation, Z. X. Zheng, C. Wang, S. Wen, A. D. Phule*, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2020, vol. 173, p. 108890. (Impact Factor: 1.98).
  13. Improvement of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 supported catalytic sheet filters for simultaneous reduction of NOx and particulates, A. D. Phule, J. H. Choi, and J. H. Kim, International Journal of Environmental Science and Developments, 2018, volume 9, No. 9, pp. 244-249.
  14. Development of high performance catalytic filter of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 supported-SiC for NOX reduction, J. H. Kim, J. H. Choi and A. D. Phule, Powder Technology, 2018, volume 327, pp. 282-290. (Impact Factor: 2.9).
  15. Negative optical absorption and up-energy conversion in dendrites of nanostructured silver grafted with a/b-poly(vinylidene fluoride) in small hierarchical structures, A. D. Phule*, S. K. Shinde, J. H. Choi, S. Ram, A. K. Tyagi, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2018, volume 115, pp. 254-264.  (Impact Factor: 2.1).
  16. Porous CdSe0.6Te0.4 Nanoflowers-Nanosphere: Facile electrochemical synthesis and excellent for photoelectrochemical cell performance, Shinde Surendra, Ghodake G., Dhaygude Haridas, Kim Sung YeolA. D. Phule, Patel Rahul, Kim Dae-Young, Fulari Vijay, IONICS, 2017, volume 23, Issue 9, pp. 2489-2496. (Impact Factor: 2.06).
  17. Screening of serine protease inhibitors with antimicrobial activity by iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized with dextran conjugated trypsin and in silico analyses of bacterial serine protease inhibition, S. M. Mandal, W. F. Porto, D. De, A. D. Phule, S. Korpole, A. K. Ghosh, S. K. Roy, O. L. Franco, Analyst, 2014 volume 139, Pages 464-472 (Impact Factor: 4.03).
  18. Anchoring silver with poly(vinylidene fluoride) molecules in model flocculates and its effects on rheology in stable nanofluids, A. D. Phule, S. Ram, A. K. Tyagi, Journal of Nanofluids, volume 2, No. 4, 2013, Pages 249-260.
  19. Light absorption and emission in gold nanoplates assembled in small groups via poly(vinylidene fluoride) molecules, B. Susrutha, A. D. Phule, S. Ram and A. K. Tyagi, Society for Material Chemistry Bulletin, volume 2, 2011, Pages 22-27.
  20. Highly fluorescent silver nanofluids with ferroelectric molecules, S. Ram, A. D. Phule, A. K. Tyagi, Philosophical Magazine Letters, volume 90, 2010, Pages 781-791, (Impact Factor: 1.30).

21. Tailoring absorption and emission of light in dielectric polymer nanofluids of reinforced poly(vinylidene fluoride) with silver nanoparticles, A. D. Phule, S. Ram, A. K. Tyagi, Journal of Applied Physics volume 107, 2010, Pages 034316 (1-4) (Impact Factor: 2.10).


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