Hisar, Haryana


January 1

I am...

Biologist, Teacher, User of nanotechnology products

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Microbiology, nanotechnology, antimicrobial nanoparticles, bionanotechnology

Interest in...

research in bionanotechnology

Publication list

1. Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur, Manju Barnela, Meenu Chopra, Anju Manuja and Ashok Chaudhury Synthesis, characterisation and in vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activity of chitosan-metal nanocomposites. Journal of Chemical technology and biotechnology. Doi: 10.1002/jctb.4383 (Impact factor-2.6). 2. Meenu Chopra, Manju Barnela, Pawan Kaur, Anju Manuja, Balvinder Kumar and Rajesh Thakur. Alginate/gum acacia bipolymeric nanohydrogels—Promising carrier for Zinc oxide nanoparticles. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 72 (2015) 827–833 (Impact factor-3.2) 3. Pawan Kaur, Priyanka Jain, Ashavani Kumar and Rajesh Thakur. Biogenesis of PbS nanocrystals by using rhizosphere fungus i.e. Aspergillus sp. isolated from the rhizosphere of Chick pea. Journal of Bionanoscience. (2014) 4:189–194. Manju Barnela Pawan Kaur, Meenu Chopra and Rajesh Thakur,. Synthesis, Characterization of Nisin Loaded Alginate-Chitosan-Pluronic Composite Nanoparticles and Evaluation Against Microbes. LWT - Food Science and Technology. 59 (2014) 1093-1099 (Impact factor- 3.1). 4. Meenu Chopra, Pawan Kaur, Manju Barnela and Rajesh Thakur, Surfactant assisted nisin loaded chitosan-carageenan nanocapsule synthesis for controlling food pathogens. Food Control 37 (2014) 158-164. (Impact factor-3.0) 5. Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur and Ashok Choudhary, Synthesis of Chitosan-Silver Nanocomposites and their Antibacterial Activity. IJMST, Vol.4, Issue 4.( Impact factor-1.4) 6. Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur, Sandeep Kumar and Neeraj Dilbaghi (2011). Interaction of ZnO Nanoparticles With Food Borne Pathogens Escherichia coli DH5α and Staphylococcus aureus 5021 & Their Bactericidal Efficacy, AIP Conf. Proc. 1393, pp. 153-154; ISSN 0094- 243X., Doi:10.1063/1.3653655. 7. Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur and Ashok Choudhary (2012), An In Vitro Study of The Antifungal Activity of Silver/Chitosan Nanoformulations Against Important Seed Borne Pathogens. IJSTR Vol.1, issue 6, July, 2012. (Impact factor-0.67) 8. Kaur Pawan, Thakur Rajesh and Chaudhury Ashok (2011). Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Flower Extract of Calendula officinalis Plant, NCACT, Amity, Conf. proc., pp.109-110; ISBN 978-81-8424-705-3. 9. Meenu Chopra, Pawan Kaur, Manju Barnela and Rajesh Thakur, Optimization and Synthesis of Streptomycin loaded Chitosan-alginate Nanoparticles. IJSTR, Vol.1, Issue10, Nove.2012. (Impact factor-0.67) 10. Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur and Ashok Chaudhury. Biogenesis of copper nanoparticles using peel extract of Punica granatum and their antimicrobial activity against opportunistic pathogens. Journal of green chemistry: review and letters. (published) . (Impact factor-1.4) 11. Pawan Kaur1, Rajesh Thakur1*, Himanshu1, Meenu Chopra2, Anju Manuja2 and Ashok Chaudhury1 Biosynthesis of biocompatible core-shell nanoformulations using peel extract of Punica granatum and application in dye degradation: remedy for water pollution. Journal of Nanoparticles Research.

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